Story Of Asirgarh Fort Which Becomes Haunted At Night

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Asirgarh Fort is a historic Indian Qila which is located in the Satpura Range and is about 20 km north to the Burhanpur city in Madhya Pradesh. This fort is spread across a wide area of 60 acres of land.This fortress connects the valleys of the Tapti and Narmada rivers while passing through the Satpuras. This made it one of the most important paths from the Northern Indian to Deccan, it became famous as the Key to Deccan. During the Mughal era, it was widely believed that the Deccan started from here, while the area situated between Asirgarh and Delhi was considered to be Hindustan.


Story Of Asirgarh Fort Which Becomes Haunted At Night

This fort was built by Asa Ahir who was a king in the early 15th century. The fort is located at a height of 701 metres from the sea level and is about 259 metres high. Even though it may appear as one large single fort, but it is actually an integration of three collective forts known as Asirgarh, Karmargarh, and Malaygarh. Inside this structure, you can find a gurudwara, a mosque, and a temple of Lord Shiva.


The Curse Of Ashwathama

Story Of Asirgarh Fort Which Becomes Haunted At Night

After the death of his father Guru Dronacharya and Duryodhana, Ashwathama made an attempt to kill the Pandavas in the night during when they would be sleeping. But on that eventful night, Lord Krishna saved the lives of the five Pandavas and took them to someplace else. Ashwathama didn’t know it so he entered the tent of the Pandavas and he unknowingly killed the five sleeping sons of Pandavas instead of Pandavas. He then set the camp on fire.

When Pandavas came to know about it, they got enraged and went searching for Ashwathama. When Ashwathama saw them approaching him, he devised a Brahmashirsha Astra against Lord Krishna and the Pandavas. Seeing this Arjuna also invoked the same Astra towards Ashwathama. Seeing the powerful Astra’s heading for a head-to-head collision which would result in the destruction of the entire earth, Vyasa intervened and asked both the respective warriors to withdraw their weapons. Arjuna being a skilled warrior was able to withdraw the weapons, but Ashwathama never learned how to do so. Instead of deviating his astra towards a place where it can explode without harming anyone, he directed it towards the womb of Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara in an attempt to end the entire lineage of the Pandavas.

Story Of Asirgarh Fort Which Becomes Haunted At Night

Lord Krishna revived the son of Uttara, but this heinous act of Ashwathama enraged him and he cursed Ashwathama. Krishna took away the gem located on his forehead. He then cursed Ashwatthama saying that he will roam in the forests with blood and puss coming out of his injuries for 3000 years and he will cry for death. Since he had no fear of death during the war of Mahabharata,, death will never meet him. He will roam in total isolation without any kind of contact and communication from any of the mankind. No one will come closer to him. His forehead wound resulted from the removal of gem will not heal. His body will suffer from many kinds of diseases, forming ulcers and sores which will not heal for 3000 years. He will stay alive in a pain and agony, he will beg for death, but he will keep breathing. It is believed that the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu known as Lord Kalki will free him from his curse.

Cursed Ashwathama Visits The Fort Every Night

The locals believe that for the past 5000 years the Mahabharat warrior Ashwathama has been visiting this fort regularly. Some people say that Ashwathama wanders around the fort during the night and he would stop people and ask them for oil and turmeric to heal his bleeding forehead. It is believed that anyone who has seen Ashwathama at the fort has either gone mad or lost his mental stability.

It is believed that every early morning Ashwathama takes a bath in the ‘bawri’ (Shown in the picture above) and then worships Lord Shiva at the temple which is located inside the fort. Flowers could be find at the Lord Shiva temple (shown in the picture below) which is a sign of the presence of the cursed Mahabharat warrior.

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This fort holds the title of being the ‘impregnable’ fort because it has never been conquered by brute force. What’s more interesting is that each level of fortification is actually a fort in itself. You will find that the walls of Asirgarh fort run all around the hill which have sentry points located at several places. So if a king wanted to conquer the Asirgarh Fort, he had to conquer not one fort, but actually three forts.

Asa was murdered by Nasir Khan of the Khandesh empire. Through Nasir Khan, the territory came in the hands of Miran Bahadur Khan, his descendant who refused to homage to Akbar and he declared his independence. Furious at the disrespect, Akbar marched towards the city of Burhanpur in 1599 and captured the city. Akbar then besieged Asirgarh fort and after six months of intense warfare, he came to realize that it is impossible to capture the fort using the might.

This is because the fort is stationed at a very high height which makes it fall out of range for the Mughal guns. Also the mughal army became an easy target of the Farooqui cannons located at the fort. Akabar then changed the strategy and led a siege using more than 5 Lakh men who surrounded the hill. The supplies inside the fort ran out within a year and then they surrendered. But the royal family and many loyal warriors escaped the fort using an unknown route and were never found again.The fort was captured on 17 January 1601.


To visit this fort, first you have to reach Burhanpur. The city of Burhanpur can easily be reached through Indore using a car or bus. It can also be reached from Khanda using a taxi, bus, or train within 40 minutes. The fort is located about 20 kilometres to the north of the Burhanpur.

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