Death Of Lord Ram- The Real Story And Reason Why Shri Ram Left Earth!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Lord Ram was Vishnu’s avatar on earth and was born as the son of Kaushalya and Dasharatha. He faced many obstacles, pain and hard times during his lifetime and was known as Maryada Purushottam. Not many people are aware of the story of his death, so let’s know about that in brief.

Story Of Lord Rama's Death

Lord Ram ruled for about 11,000 years for the welfare and benefit of people and was known as the Lord of Virtue among his citizens. He also used to perform various kinds of yagyas to protect his men from any kind of problems and also made his brothers and their respective sons king of various empires under his rule. When Devi Sita disappeared from earth and entered into the Bhoomi with her mother Bhudevi or mother Earth, Ram knew that now it was his time to leave earth too and taught his twin sons Luv and Kush everything about how to rule an empire and so on.


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Death Of Lord Ram- The Real Story And Reason Why Shri Ram Left Earth!

It is believed that one day a saint came to visit Lord Ram to talk about his the fact that he should leave and disappear from earth as he had already served his purpose on earth by providing DHARMA to all. He wanted to talk about this in private and asked Lakshman to guard at the door and not let anyone enter the room otherwise he’ll be sentenced to death immediately.

The saint was none other than kala deva or you can say time who came to Lord Ram as a reminder to come back to heaven. Then rishi Durvasa came to pay a visit to Lord Ram but Lakshman couldn’t let him in because he asked to do so. Then as usual rishi Durvasa got angry and told Lakshman that if he won’t let him enter the room to meet Ram then he will curse the Raghu Clan and they will get destroyed and Ayodhya will become terrible. Lakshman thought that instead to taking the curse, it would be better for him to die as one death is better than thousands of death and then let rishi Durvasa enter the room.

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Lakshman tried to fix everything and in return accepted his punishment of death by the saint. Lakshman then surrender himself and went into the Sarayu river and vanished, after that Lord Ram knew that it was his turn to disappear from earth and gave his kingdom to his sons and later he also went into the Sarayu river and disappeared. He along with his rest of the brothers together went inside the Sarayu river and when Lord Ram vanished, from the same spot Lord Vishnu appeared and blessed every one after his rest from Ananta Sesha.

Well, this is the story of Lord Ram’s death and he actually did not die, he just disappeared from earth because an avatar cannot die, they just disappear when the time comes.

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