Stoya: A Story Of An Independent, Talented Woman Who Made Men Drop Their Jaws And Pants

We live in an age where women are no longer a liability, but rather an asset. Today’s women can go toe-to-toe with men in any profession, you just name it; Sports, Entertainment, Business, any industry. Women play a critical role in shaping the fate of our society. Today at Humor Nation, we are presenting you a story of an independent, powerful woman named Stoya who overcame all the odds to carve an identity for herself and proved to the world that women too like men, can do the impossible.

Stoya Stoya: A Story Of An Independent, Talented Woman Who Made Men Drop Their Jaws And Pants

So Let’s Take A Look At The Story Of An Independent, Talented Woman Named Stoya Who Made Men Drop Their Jaws And Pants

Stoya: A Living Art

She is Stoya! Her real name is Jessica Stojadinović who through her talents and artistic abilities became Stoya. Right from the beginning, when she was a young girl, she realized her real passion is to create art.

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A kind of art that would mesmerize all the men, make their jaws drop wide open, but little did she know, men’s jaws weren’t the only thing dropping while experiencing her art.

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Her Humble Beginnings

Stoya has always been a keen reader of fantasy novels which resulted in her developing a taste for fantasy plays. She would often do cosplays and dress up in alone.

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Stoya soon began posting for a friend, she would even demonstrate her acting skills while being recorded. Her work was so applauded by her friends that they believed Stoya has the potential to become a global star.

Stoya gifs tumblr

Enter Internet, the age of the computers, Stoya’s friends used the power of Internet to showcase her work on a platform that could reach millions.

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The Struggles

Stoya gifs tumblr

Soon her work reached many famous websites which then approached her to do DVD films and become an online model.

Stoya gifs tumblr

It was really a challenging job for the young actress, she had to perform in front of thousands of users on webcam. It’s very difficult than acting because your performance is judged real-time by the audiences who’d let you know how they feel through their comments.

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