5 Strange Facts About Eminem That All His Fans Must Know!

Hello guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. This is another top five list article. Today we will be talking about one of the greatest rappers of all time, it’s Eminem. We will take a look at some of the interesting facts related to Eminem’s Life. Don’t forge to like our Facebook page.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Strange Facts About Eminem That All His Fans Must Know!

5. He Wanted To Come A Comic Book Artist.

Little Marshall Mathers, he wanted to become a comic book artist! As a youngster Marshall had ambitions to become a comic book artist rather than that of a rapper. He would draw and draw, and had a special love for spider-man. His interest in comic books still plays out in his recent work, the music video ‘Without Me’ that’s all comic books. Also the song rap God, well in there he raps about General Zod and Thor. And he’s actually been printed and written into Marvel Comics including those with Iron Man and The Punisher.

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4. Eminem Spent A Week In Coma.

We got a sad one. This guy spent a week in a coma when he was a little kid. At nine years old, Marshall Mathers was being so badly by a school bully he spent over a week in a coma. Now in his track brain-damaged, Eminem actually publicly outed a guy named D’Angelo Bailey, but there’s no confirmation that this is the actual guy who put him in a coma. But I’m thinking it is Bailey later tried to sue Eminem for a million dollars stating that the raps talking about what he’d done in the past. Well they had stopped him from starting his own rap career, he currently works as a janitor and he didn’t get that million bucks. It’s important to note that Em’s music has brought others out of comas including a 12 years old girl who was nearly killed in a car accident.

3. His Songs Are Owned By Michael Jackson.

on to the number three spot a lot of Eminem songs they’re owned by Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson co-owns writes two Em’s catalog along with Sony/ATV music publishing grabbing up hits like ‘Without Me’ and ‘The Real Slim Shady’. Athough Michael Jackson has since passed on while his estate they still profit from these tracks perhaps now we know why Marshall Mathers dressed up as Wacko Jacko in the ‘Just Lose It’ music video.


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