5 Strange Facts About Asa Akira That You Should Know

5 Strange Facts About Asa Akira That You Should Know

Hey guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Asa Akira has described herself stating ‘I’m part of the new era of  adult entertainment stars’, we’re feminists, we are very sex positive people, we are not victims of rape, we are not drug addicts, and we don’t have any daddy issues. So guys what’s going on with you and welcome back to Humor Nation where we break down the world into brilliant top five lists. So just sit back and let me entertain you!

Let’s Take A Look At 5 Strange Facts About Asa Akira That You Should Know!

5. She Was A Former Dominatrix

Asa was formerly employed as that of a dominatrix! Why am I not surprised? Now initially Asa was enrolled in the prestigious United Nations International School in Manhattan on a scholarship, but due to bad grades she wasn’t invited back. She then went on to public school. Then she had a bunch of crummy jobs, she worked as a cashier she worked for a high-end magazine as an intern, she also helped out a preschool.

But then someone tapped her on the shoulder, asked if she wanted to get into the adult industry, and she was like OH YEAH! That’s when she started her work as a dominatrix at the Nutcracker Suite on 33rd Street. Akira did this for a little while, but then she got hooked up at Larry Flynt Hustler Club she went from making $600 as a dominatrix to $6000 dollars as a stripper and little bit of an escort.

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4. She Won’t Sleep With Her Fans

Asa loves her fans, but she won’t make love to them. As it relishes in the moment of having her fans approach her, she admits that she’s into the whole attention thing, but she’s never given her phone number to a fan. She says that I wouldn’t give my phone number to a guy just on the street so why would I give it to a fan. Asa is very cautious who she gives out her personal information to and well for good reason. So fellas if you visit her at some kind of Expo when she’s giving you the autograph, don’t push for anything more.


3. She Wrote Her Own Book

She has her own book and it’s titled “Insatiable: A Love Story’. In the book she discusses everything from her drug use, she once spoke crack with one of her clients when she was a dominatrix. She also talked about her short lived career as an escort to her suspicions that she may have been molested as a child by one of her former babysitters. Akira also goes into tons of detail about her normal upbringing, having fantastic parents and well being a little perverse.

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2. She Was Molested On A Train

She’s not quite sure what happened with that babysitter, but she is positive that at the age of 11 she got molested on a train. For some time her family relocated from New York back to their native Japan, her father had a job there and she was riding a busy train one day when a guy just squeezed up to her really tight, looked her in the eye and then did something with his hands. She got off the train immediately, she was totally spooked out by the whole situation. But it’s kind of funny this whole train thing, I mean this is really popular in Japan and she has reenacted these kind of scenes later on in her career.

1. Her Odd Fantasy

Asa’s biggest fantasy! What a woman could possibly want? A woman who gets people excited day in and day out could truly dream up for herself, fantasize about? Well she told Men’s magazine ‘Men’s Fitness’ that she’s really into the idea of getting it on with a transsexual. She was coined up not to say if she would be into the buck angel or the Caitlyn Jenner type. Which way do you think she would go? I’m gonna go with Caitlyn Jenner!

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