Stranger Things: 5 Behind The Scenes Secrets You Never Knew

3. The van flipping scene in the series cost thousands of dollars.

The coolest scene that you see in the series in episode 7 when eleven flips the van is one of the most costly scenes of the series. During the testing of this scene, the explosive triggered inside the van to flip in the air and it was so successful that it was approved for shooting. However, during the actual filming, the shoot went not so good and one of their explosives didn’t explode and the van flew right into a camera, destroying it and its lenses.

2. Puberty struck Gaten Matarazzo.

While working with the child actor one thing that risks the Duffer Brother is the inevitable puberty and Unfortunately, puberty struck and disrupted the making of Stranger Things. Gaten Matarazzo, who plays the adorable Dustin Henderson, went through puberty during the show. His voice changed so much that the sound team couldn’t use him for additional dialogue recording post-filming.

Stranger Things : 5 Things You Never Know About The Upside Down

1. 20 Tons of ice Was used to turn Georgia into Indiana.

Originally the series was supposed to be set in Montauk new york but at last, was set in Atlanta, Georgia because of high cost and practicality reason. Chris Trujillo is the production designer for the series had to face many difficulties in transforming the Atlanta into Hawkins Indiana.

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