Stranger Things : 5 Things The Show Stole From Stephen King’s IT

Welcome to Humor Nation. Stranger Things is an American Horror web series directed by duffer brothers. This series has many things similar to IT, even the great Stephen King himself has expressed his utter joy at having found many links between these two series and eleven also shares many similarities between with King’s most famous anti-heroine, Carrie, such as her psychic powers and sinister upbringing.

So here are some interesting things that stranger Things stole from Stephens King IT.

1. Both series start with a terrible event.

 IT starts with the death of Bill’s brother, George. He was six years old when he goes out in the rain to play with the boat made by his elder brother Bill and then the boat leads him to a sewer where Pennywise caught him. While in Stranger Things Will is seized by the Demogorgon at the beginning of the series.

Stranger Things : 5 Things The Show Stole From Stephen King's IT

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2. In both, the series friendship group get bullied.  

In IT there is a looser group persecuted by Henry Bowers and his gang and they all are united by their looser label. Each person has different characteristics, strength, and weakness. While in Stranger Things prefer to hang out with their science teacher rather than with other children and because they like D&D they get bullied by peoples, but this makes their group more stronger.

Stranger Things : 5 Things The Show Stole From Stephen King's IT

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