Stranger Things : 5 Things You Never Know About The Upside Down

Welcome to Humor Nation. Stranger things is one of the most popular American horror fictional web series directed by Duffer Brothers. The location of the web series was amazing and terrifying and despite being located over thirty years in the past. Hawkins is just like any other small town in America, bustling with life and secret drama hidden beneath the surface. The most interesting is the world of Upside down.

So here are some unknown facts about the upside down!!

5. The town originally had both day and night.

According to the artist Aaron Sims, the artist who did creativity in the series didn’t actually know that if day and night even existed in the Upside-Down. They actually considered the possibility of a time change when going between the two worlds — e.g. Nancy entering the rift when it was nighttime in our world, and coming out into the Upside-Down in the day.”

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4. The freely falling snow like spores may be caused by Demogorgon.

Even in the immense darkness of Up-Side down, one feature that makes everyone curious is the freely falling snow like spores in the darkness. The artist Aaron Sims answered this curious question of his fans as- “We really used the particles in the air to represent the difference in the two worlds, rather than a specific relationship. There is some idea that if the creature existed in our world, the particles would exist here as well, but no word on the specific relationship.”

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