Stranger Things Season 3 Explained! The Fate Of Jim Hopper Revealed

Welcome to Humor Nation. Stranger Things 3 season has been released on Netflix, and now after watching everyone on the Internet is curious about the fate of one of the show’s beloved characters and it’s none other than Jim Hopper. Today we will be breaking down our thoughts on what really happened in the finale of Stranger Things Season 3 to Jim Hopper as well as the hidden secret behind the post-credits scene. So before we start, there will be a ton of spoilers here so if you have not seen the latest season then we highly recommend that you don’t read any further.

Stranger Things Season 3 Explained! The Fate Of Jim Hopper Revealed

Stranger Things 3 starts and progresses quite similar to the previous two seasons. The set-up is almost the same. We see the unfolding of the events in quite the same manner. The normal kids encounter the cross-dimensional creatures, the powerful psychic Eleven unleashes her psychic abilities to save the day, and it feels like the perfect happy ending. There are references to the classic 80’s movies and an amazing soundtrack which will take you back to the nostalgic ’80s.

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However, unlike the previous two seasons of the show, this season ends with the heartbreaking death that leaves all of the characters lives shattered. During the finale of Season 3, Jim Hopper whose character is played by David Harbor and Joyce rushes to the Starcourt mall in order to close the doorway which the Russians were trying to open to the scary upside down. Now it’s very important that the Russian device which is used to open the portal has to be destroyed in order to shut the portal.

So What Happened To Jim Hopper At The End Of Stranger Things Season 3

However, when the machine implodes upon itself, Chief Hopper is apparently caught in the explosion blast. His death is obviously a shocker because he’s one of the main characters and it just tears the show apart. Then we pick up 3 months later where it is shown that Joyce will take the custody of Eleven who along with her family is shown to be moving away. Then we see a newspaper report which reads that hero Chief dies in a fire and it’s now apparent that Chief Hopper is gone for real along with Billy.

Stranger Things Season 3 Explained! The Fate Of Jim Hopper Revealed

However, when the post-credits scene of the season is shown, it becomes quite clear that Jim Hopper might not really be dead. He may actually be alive! We see two Russian guards who are shown to be feeding a prisoner to the monster Demogorgon in the cell, but they make the selection of the prisoner for Demogorgon food, they are shown to pass through a cell where one Russian guard says ‘No not the American’.


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