Strict Laws That Queen Elizabeth Doesn’t Need To Obey!

Hey guys, welcome back to Humor Nation. We know that Queen Elizabeth is one of the most powerful personalities in the world. Alright lets get started on out list of the top strict laws that queen Elizabeth does not need to obey.

So Let’s Take A Look At Some Strict Laws That Queen Elizabeth Doesn’t Need To Obey!

5. Speed Limits

Strict Laws That Queen Elizabeth Doesn't Need To Obey!

Yeah that’s right. The queen can drive as quickly as she wants. Speed is nothing to the queen. But being the amazing queen she is she doesn’t abuse this power, she’s always a safe driver. Plus now a days she doesn’t really drive that much anyway as she has a personal driver. But She can technically break any speed limit rules anywhere in the country. On top of being able to be a speed demon she also doesn’t have to drive with a licence. Licenses are issued in the Queens name yet she is the only person in the UK who doesn’t legally need one. She also doesn’t need a number plate on her car. Yeah just breaking all the road rules. But fun little fact for you guys the queen is actually quite good behind the wheel. She learned to drive during World War 2 when she operated a first aid truck. She also knows how to change a spark plug.

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4. Passports

Ye,p it seems the queen Elizabeth doesn’t need any form of id. She is one of the few people in the world who doesn’t need to have an official identity document. However other members of the royal family are required to have one. Also the queen is quite the traveler which isn’t a surprise seeing as shes the monarch of 16 realms. Also She is actually the most widely traveled head of state in history, visiting over 116 countries during official 265 visits. Not too bad for someone who doesn’t have a passport.


3. Birthdays

Now this isn’t technically a law, but it is something that only the queen Elizabeth has. She has not one, but two birthdays. Yeah when you’re the British head of state, one birthday just isn’t enough. The queens actual birthday is on April 21st. However her official birthday is celebrated on a Saturday in June. Her actual birthday is marked publicly by gun salutes in central London at midday. This includes a 41 gun salute in Hyde park, a 21 gun salute in Windsor Great park and a 62 gun salute at the tower of London. For her official birthday celebrations she is joined by other members of the Royal Family at the spectacular Trooping the Color parade. I have to say two birthdays every year would be pretty awesome.

2. Taxes

Something people hate more than anything is paying taxes. Its just a pain in the butt. And if you don’t get a return and owe money it just stings that much more. I would always get a nice chunk of change back from my taxes. But sadly those days are over. All citizens in the UK and many other countries have to pay taxes depending on their earnings.

But the queen is exempt from this law. As its written ‘The crown’ has a legal tax exempt status because certain acts of parliament do not apply to it. But I guess in 1992, she was starting to feel left out or something because she voluntarily paid taxes since then. Also to add on to this the queen cant be sued. Yeah its impossible… so don’t even try it. On top of that she also has the right to not give evidence in a court and she can’t be prosecuted.

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1. War

Yeah so technically if the queen wanted to, she could start a war against any country at any moment. As we know in practice these decisions are made by parliament. But they officially do need the queens permission. Luckily the queen is an amazing leader. She’s calm and able to think with her head on straight and she doesn’t make decisions based off being a hot head unlike a certain other ruler. Luckily in the UK, only the monarch has the power to declare war and peace under the royal prerogative. And since the second world war there have been no declarations of war. But nonetheless the British Armed forces have taken part in armed conflict on numerous occasions. Yes, the queen is literally above the law. On top of being able to start a war she also has the right to break any law. But as I said before luckily the queen is quite modest.

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