10 Stupid Reasons Why People Were Killed

Welcome to Humor Nation. Taking someone’s life is the biggest crime a person can commit, surely there must be a big reason why someone would do it. But today we will be looking at the list of ten people who killed others for the most stupid, dumb, absurd reasons.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Stupid Reasons Why People Were Killed

10. Photobombing A Group Picture

10 Stupid Reasons Why People Were Killed

In early January 2014, 23 years old Kim Pham exited a Southern California nightclub and made the fatal mistake of accidentally photobombing a group picture centered on Candace Brito and Vanesa Tapia Zavala. Brito and Zavala confronted Pham in a vicious rage and the altercation quickly spiraled from vocal to physical as the two women began to beat Phan maliciously. Phams boyfriend made an attempt to intervene but the club’s bouncer held him back blocking him from the fight. Brito and Zavala beat Pham to death and were eventually charged with felony manslaughter, after being acquitted for second degree murder.

9. TV Remote

In a village of Zhukova located in the western parts of Siberia. In 2011, an altercation between a 13 years old boy and his 17 years old sister took place over who had possession of a television remote control. After repeatedly keeping him from his turn with the TV the younger sibling fetched a high powered hunting rifle and shot his sister in the face at pointblank range, killing her instantly. The crime was discovered after the siblings mother returned home from work that day and reported it to police. Due to the boy’s young age he was unable to be charged as an adult and dodged severe criminal charges.

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8. Facebook Unfriending

While Facebook is no strange entity when it comes to inciting political or religious fights between its users. One user of the social media site took things to the absolute extreme over being unfriended by Billy Payne Jr. and his girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth. After discovering she had been unfriended, Jenelle Potter convinced her father and brother to break into the couple’s home and murder them both. Payne and Hayworth were shot a number of times before the attackers finally cut the boyfriend’s throat for good measure.

7. Theater Texting

In Florida, in January 2014, while watching the film ‘Lone Survivor’ in a relatively quiet movie theater retired police officer Curtis Reeves and his wife became involved in a yelling match with a man sitting in front of them who was texting with his keypad sound effects turned on. The fight quickly spiraled to the point in which Reeves pulled out his handgun and fired deadly shots into the texting man and the person next to him. While both victims were rushed to the hospital, the texting man died from his injuries and Reeves was charged with second degree murder. It was later discovered that the man was texting his toddler son.

6. Loud Music

Kelly Danaher’s fatal mistake was throwing his wife a birthday party with music that was deemed too loud by his neighbor Raul Rodriguez. After the party had gotten underway Rodriguez quickly ran to Danaher’s house and confronted the man. After the verbal altercation in which Rodriguez screamed that the music was far too loud for the neighborhood, the man pulled out his handgun and fired into the home, killing dennah her and wounding two other guests. Rodriguez, who claimed in court he always carried his gun with him and had a license to use it was eventually charged with murder and locked away. Despite his claims he acted justifiably in self defense.


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