10 Stupid Reasons Why People Were Killed

5. Watching Football Match

In South Africa during the time of the 2008 world cup a 68-year-old father in a family of four declared he would be watching that day soccer match. Despite his wife and children’s insistence that they wanted to watch a gospel program. After his wife refused to give him the remote control the man walked over to the TV and changed the dial by hand, sending his wife son and daughter into a vicious rage, that included beating and stabbing him to death.

4. Junk Food

In a move of clearly rational political strategy Dan White, the recently removed member of the Board of Supervisors of Mayor George Moscone in San Francisco barged into City Hall and gunned down two men. One of whom was the man who had replaced him, Harvey Milk. His defense in court stemmed from the ludicrous idea that a recent junk food diet caused temporary insanity and he had no conscious control of his murderous actions. Scarily enough, the defense worked and white was given only seven years in jail of which he only served five. However soon after his release white committed suicide and no junk food to blame.

3. Breakfast

A teenager went to of gross extreme in order to win a bed in 2011. After Joshua Davies was dumped by his girlfriend Rebecca Aylward, he repeatedly taunted and stalked her on Facebook, and through text messages, often sending disgusting and threatening messages that he would end her life. After asking his friend what would you do if I actually killed her, he got the sarcastic response of “Oh, I would buy you breakfast”. Just days later Davies bludgeoned Rebecca Aylward to death with a rock then texted his friend you just may owe me a breakfast and then was subsequently arrested, convicted and given years in prison.

2. Mondays

In 1979, a troubled young woman named Brenda Ann Spencer fired shots at the elementary school across from her house, striking numerous students and killing both the school principal and custodian. When police arrived and attempted to barge into Spencer’s home, she was able to keep them at bay for nearly seven hours before finally surrendering. Spencer told a reporter the reason she shot at kids that day was because she didn’t like Mondays.

1. Unthankful Brother

In March 2003, 36 years old Fergus Glen attempted to make amends with his younger brother Craig by cooking him dinner however after Craig refused to thank his older brother after eating the meal. Fergus flew into a rage and repeatedly hacked his brother to death using a hatchet. While Fergus sites the meal as the final straw, it was clear he considered Craig’s death a long time coming. Fergus is currently serving life in a New Zealand prison.

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