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Welcome to Humor Nation. So you have an idea, now what are you going to do? You going to write it on a piece of paper or make a fancy PowerPoint presentation and then mail it, and you’ll say “I have the blueprint, this is how it is going to work…” STOP RIGHT THERE! I don’t want your piece of paper, I don’t want your PPT, I don’t want your blueprint, I want to see your idea working! The bigger the idea is, the newer the idea is, the unique the idea is…the more people will be skeptical about your idea. They will doubt if it’ll work or not. So instead of convincing them through a PowerPoint presentation, you need to sell your idea by showing them how actually it works. This is what Henry Ford did.

Success Story Of Henry Ford - Founder Of Ford Motors

So Let’s Take A Look At The Success Story Of Henry Ford

Today we are going to see the story of Henry Ford, the legendary entrepreneur who shaped America. Henry Ford, the founder of the esteemed motor company Ford. He started as an engineer at the Edison Electrical and helped in creating electricity for America. But he wanted to do something on his own, he wanted to become an entrepreneur. He had ideas and he didn’t want to spend his entire life working for someone else.

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Henry Ford wanted to start a car business and it was super new at that time. Nobody knew anything about car making. Back then it was only engineers who would create their own inventions. So Henry also came up with his own invention which he called the ‘Quadricycle’. It was basically two bicycles that were attached together with a gasoline engine in the middle which powered the machine. Quadricycle was one of the first cars in America. It was a primitive design since he didn’t have funds. He wanted an investor which would allow him to quit his job and help in creating his own company of building cars.

His idea of building cars was really new at that time. It sounded stupid to many people as people were used to riding horses at that time. Why would anyone ride such a complex strange machine instead of a cheap horse?

So how did he manage to sell his idea? Well, he didn’t pitch his idea to the people with a piece of paper. He built his first quadricycle and he went to William Murphy riding it. William Murphy was a very successful entrepreneur in the lumber industry. So Henry showed up at his door with his quadricycle, he took William Murphy for a ride on that prototype unit. By the end of the ride, William was sold on the idea and wanted to do business with him. He saw how efficient the machine was and how it could change the world.

Success Story Of Henry Ford - Founder Of Ford Motors

People can be sold on ideas when you make them experience your idea. That’s how you can convince people to buy a product from you, to give you money, to fund your project. You cannot convince them just by talking or presenting a fancy presentation. You have to make them feel your idea, make them experience it, then only they will believe it.

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