From A Nobody To A Celebrity: Success Story Of Jordi Nino

From A Nobody To A Celebrity: Success Story Of Jordi Nino

Hey guys! Welcome to another interesting article of Humor Nation. It is often said that you have to fight the worst days of your life to earn the best days of your life. Now this is a story of a young boy named Jordi Nino, who was an immigrant, but had a big dream.

Young Jordi had a traumatic childhood, his father was alcoholic and mother was a prostitute. He has 4 sisters, he considered it his responsibility to make their lives better. Earn a lot of money so that his sisters could go to college and live a happy life. A Rich family adopted him and promised to provide him the quality education and a happy life. But it was all a lie, the rich family actually bought Jordi Nino from his parents for 10K dollars. They made him their slave.

Jordi Nino never had it easy, he did many different jobs such as washing the dishes, cleaning the tables, sweeping the floors, and other household chores at the houses of rich people.

Many older rich females took advantage of him. These females abused Jordi, forced him to engage in non-consensual sexual activities. These females who sought an escape from their abusive and falling apart marriages took out their frustrations on the kid.

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Even the young girls at the house viewed Jordi as nothing more than a pleasure toy. They used him whenever, wherever, and however they wanted to.

These rich females used Jordi in the flesh trade, the next thing the guy knew was that he is under some female or on the top.

The critically acclaimed Indian movie ‘BA Pass’ was inspired from the struggles and real life story of Jordi. After being manipulated, used and abused, young Jordi Nino escaped the clutches of these vile women.

An NGO and police authority helped Jordi El Nino in escaping from the exploitation. A welfare society helped Jordi by enrolling him in the college.

From A Nobody To A Celebrity: Success Story Of Jordi Nino

Jordi El Nino wants to become a successful entrepreneur and he is working towards his goal everyday. He still believes in his dream. We wish him good luck for his future.

So that was our success story of the week, let us know how you feel about the young Jordi and the adversities that he had to overcome. Feel free to express your views and opinions by commenting below the article. Have a nice day. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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