Super Hit Films That Kangana Ranaut Rejected Because Of No Substantial Female Role

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. A decade ago only male actors used to lead the box-office and used to have the main role in a film and the actresses never had a progressive role in it. But now the time has changed and even actresses rule the box-office with their films and they do carry the whole film on their shoulders alone. Even Kangana Ranaut had rejected many films when she thought that she did not have a substantial role in it. So let’s know about those films in detail.

So here are the 8 super hit films that Kangana Ranaut had rejected because of no substantial female role in it!

1. Sultan

Super Hit Films That Kangana Ranaut Rejected Because Of No Substantial Female Role

Sultan was one of the highest grossing films of 2016 and instead of Anushka Sharma, this role was first offered to Kangana Ranaut. She rejected this film because she thought that she had less part this film.

2. Sanju

Kangana Ranaut was offered the role of Manyatta Dutt in this film but she passed on this film as she never wanted to do a film where she would hardly appear on the screen. Later on, this role was passed on to Dia Mirza.

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3. Dirty Picture

Dirty Picture was the most talked about film of 2011 and for the first time, Vidya Balan was seen to play such a bold role. This role was first offered to Kangana but she turned it down due to high colorful content.

4. Beyond The Clouds

Beyond the clouds was Ishaan Katter’s debut movie and this film was directed by an Iranian director who came in Oscar nominations, Majid Majidi. The role of female lead was offered to Kangana but when she turned it down it went to Malavika Mohanan.

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