6 Supernatural Characters That We Want Back From the Dead

Welcome to Humor Nation. So what makes the Winchesters so unique and special? Welcome to Humor Nation and today we’ll be looking at the top ten supernatural characters that we want back from the dead. For this particular list, we’ll be looking at the characters from the hit CW TV show Supernatural that we’d like to see returning and coming back from the dead. Since we all know that resurrection is actually pretty common on the show and it’s very fairly recurring on Supernatural, at least for its main characters. We would want to see these other popular Supernatural characters get the same opportunity to return from the dead.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Supernatural Characters That We Want Back From the Dead!

6. Adam Milligan

6 Supernatural Characters That We Want Back From the Dead

Although the Winchesters half brother Adam has been brought back from the dead once, but still we’d want to see him return again. Adam never got a proper chance to interact and bond with the his Winchester brothers since the Archangel Michael was always in control and took over his body. But it would be interesting to see his relationship with Sam and Dean explored in depth. However another interesting theory is that if Adam does return, it’s very likely that he’ll return as a villain, since the Winchester bros have basically left him to rot in hell.

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5. Benny Lafitte

Another interesting character who already got a second chance at life is Benny. Benny Lafitte is a vampire, but a vampire with a conscience who bonds with Dean and become allies when they were both in purgatory. As Benny return back on earth, he struggles to fit in the society. Benny’s character offered a different take on the vampires with his relatable personality. And his strange friendship with Dean was a highlight of Supernatural season eight. So when Sam is trapped in the purgatory, Benny ultimately returns to help the Winchesters, and he felt more at home in the purgatory. We still hope that we will get to see him again.


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