Supernatural Characters Who Almost Weren’t A Part Of The Show


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Even though the character of John Winchester only appeared in a handful of episodes, but his impact on the show is unparalleled. It was John’s character that set the events in motion, trained his boys into hunting who would eventually go on a road trip to locate him. After losing his wife Mary to a demon, he studied about the Supernatural world and became a skilled hunter. It was his knowledge and expertise of hunting that benefitted the boys. You would be surprised to know that the character of John Winchester was supposed to die in the pilot episode. The Original fate of the character involved him meeting his demise in the similar form as Mary at the hands of Azazel. Had John died earlier then it would have affected the story greatly, we wouldn’t get to see the strained yet loving bond the boys share with him.

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Supernatural Characters Who Almost Weren't A Part Of The Show
The CW

Garth is a hunter who first appeared in Season 7 when he tagged along with Dean Winchester and has since made several appearances on the show. Garth was turned into a werewolf and after absorbing a part of Michael’s grace, he became a puppet of Michael. But with the demise of the archangel Michael, he could no longer be controlled by anyone. He could also keep his animalistic impulses in check and retired from hunting. Garth completed his dental school and opened up a clinic.

The CW

But did you know the character of Garth almost didn’t make it on the screen. The actor DJ Qualls almost turned down the role because he believed his co-stars Jensen and Jared were too good looking and he would look out of place. But after learning the writers vision and storylines for him, DJ accepted the role gladly and considers it to be one of the best decisions he’s ever made. Also, many might not know, but Garth’s character was supposed to meet his demise in an off-screen adventure. Season 7 saw the arrival of the Leviathans who were disposing off hunters left and right. Garth was also supposed to be one of those hunters, but the executive producer Sera Gammbble rejected the idea of Garth’s off-screen demise, and the character was eventually added to the show. It was undoubtedly one of the best decisions ever made, Garth quickly became popular with the fans, and he is one of the best supporting characters ever.

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