Supernatural Characters Who Have Been Both A Hero & A Villain


Sam Winchester is the reluctant hero who was forced to take up the responsibility of saving the world and re-enter a life which he dreaded. SPN was originally supposed to be the story of Sam Winchester which is pretty evident in the storylines of the earlier seasons, but then focus shifted to Sam-Dean relationship.

Supernatural Characters Who Have Been Both A Hero & A Villain
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When Sam Winchester said YES to Lucifer in Supernatural Season 5 finale ‘Swan Song’. It made Lucifer’s wish come true, Sam believed his consciousness was strong enough to fight the archangel. This Lucifer possessed Sam snapped Castiel and Bobby with pretty ease, and he punished Dean mercilessly. Luckily, Sam’s consciousness overpowered Lucifer and he jumped into the cage to take down the archangel. Similarly, Sam was once again possessed by an angel Gadreel in Season 9 who caused the demise of Kevin Tran. Even though it wasn’t Sam’s fault, but he cannot forgive himself for it.

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In Season 5, Sam jumped inside the Cage to take down Lucifer. But he was brought back to Earth by Castiel, but without his soul. The soulless Sam Winchester lacked compassion, deprived of any basic morality or emotion. This Sam didn’t care about the means, only the ends mattered. He didn’t care if the innocents were harmed in the process and eliminated everyone who could have been saved and cured. This Sam is responsible for Dean being turned into a vampire.


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Castiel heart was always in the right place, but bad consequences have resulted from his best intentions. After Lucifer was trapped in the cage, the archangel Raphael took over the realm of heaven who wanted to start the apocalypse again with his followers. Castiel fights back and vows to stop Raphael at all costs. Castiel enlists the help of Crowley to find the location of Purgatory so that he can absorb the souls of Purgatory to stop Raphael. In doing so, he went against the Winchesters, even breaking the barrier in Sam’s mind which renders him helpless and fragile. Castiel even tricked Dean, lied to him. After absorbing the souls, he became extremely powerful and started considering him to be a God. Such absolute power corrupted him absolutely, he became cold and harsh in his decisions. He snapped Raphael without even thinking twice. He wiped out hundreds of angels in heaven who defied him. Eventually when he returned to his normal personality, he regretted harming his own brothers and sisters.


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Chuck Shurley AKA God is the creator of everything. He along with his sister balanced the scales and kept the universe running. Chuck created the archangels, angels, humans, and all the other creations. He locked away his sister Amara with the help of archangels because Amara was destructive. After locking Amara, he handed the mark to Lucifer which corrupted him so his favorite archangel was also banished to underworld. He took on the guise of Chuck Shurley, pretended to be a Prophet in front of the Winchesters. Even though he helped the Winchesters numerous times by saving them, providing them protecting, and resurrecting Castiel uncountable times. He could have stopped the apocalypse, but he didn’t. He would disappear again, sitting on the sidelines until Amara escaped free. He enlisted the help of Winchesters to stop his sister. It was when Chuck planned to eliminate Jack instead of helping that the Winchesters realized he is the master manipulator, behind all the events. He wished to put the world into a state of chaos, punish them for their free will. Chuck merges with Amara, and becomes the big bad of the SPN Universe, causing all sorts of threats to the Winchesters. In the end, Jack turns Chuck into a mortal.

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