Supernatural Characters Who Were Played By Multiple Actors

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Sometimes the writers create a character while keeping a specific actor in mind, they develop the character in a manner that it fits the personality and mannerisms of an actor who is going to play it. Other times, the writers carve a character out of their imagination with using any actor’s appearances or personality as the mould. Then the show creators and production go through intense casting process to find out the perfect actor for the role. Once an actor is cast, there’s a huge responsibility to do justice to the character. But then expectations are even higher when an actor is tasked with taking up a role which has been portrayed by a different actor. In Supernatural, we have seen certain characters being played by more than one actor. Fans of the show are divided in their opinions as to which actor played the role better?

So Take A Look At Supernatural Characters Who Were Played By Multiple Actors


5 Supernatural Characters Who Were Played By Multiple Actors
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Ruby was introduced in Season 3. She faked an alliance with the Winchesters by assuring Sam that she will help him in finding a way to get Dean out of the deal. She also offered the Winchesters plenty of information and tools against the demons. After Dean was condemned to hell, Ruby would trick Sam by manipulating him. The character of Ruby was played by Katie Cassidy in Supernatural Season 3. While Eric Kripke stated that budget reason forced the exit of Katie whereas Cassidy started that it was the lack of direction for her character which forced her to leave and she got the opportunity to star in a different series. Genevieve Cortese. replaced Katie as Ruby in Season 4. The fans were initially negative towards Genevieve, but later accepted her. According to Cortese, her portrayal of Ruby was entirely different to Katie. Katie played a defiant and fearless Ruby whereas Genevieve’s Ruby was more fearful and desperate.

Reasons Why Demise Of These Supernatural Characters Happened


5 Supernatural Characters Who Were Played By Multiple Actors
The CW

One of the very first demons we have encountered in the Supernatural. The name Meg Masters is the name of the vessel that the demon possessed in the first season and forms a friendship with Sam Winchester. The character of Meg is played by Nicki Aycox in the Supernatural Season 1. Meg is sent back to hell, but she finds her way back after the gates of hell is opened. In Season 5, after the devil is freed, Meg returns to serve him and do his bidding. This time the character of Meg is played by Rachel Miner. Even though the writers originally wanted Nicki Aycox wanted to reprise her role, but eventually went with Rachel Miner because it would make more sense storyline wise.


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Linda Tran first appeared in Season 7 when her son goes missing and she is caught between all the chaos of angels and leviathans. Khaira Ledeyo played the role of Linda Tran in Season 7. She would resurface in Season 8 where she is reunited with the boys. She decides to protect her son at all costs and learns all the A-Z about the demons and the Supernatural. Lauren Tom would play the character of Linda Tran in Season 8 & 9. It is unknown as to why a different actress was recast as Linda Tran in Season 8. Both the actresses did an amazing job in portraying the character. When the actresses for the role of Linda were changed, it also marked a shift in the personality of Linda’s character. Linda played by Khaira was easily scared and terrified when confronted with a threat whereas the portrayal of Linda by Lauren is fearless, strong, and strong willed.

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