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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While in its 15 Seasons, Supernatural featured plenty of references and Easter Eggs to popular shows and movies. Supernatural has referenced shows such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, X-Files, GOT, and it referenced popular and cult movies such as Back to the Future, Star Wars, and lot more. But you would find it surprising that there are plenty of hit shows who have referenced Supernatural in some capacity.

So Take A Look At Supernatural Easter Eggs In Other Popular Shows


The CW

Walker is a reboot of the 1990s hit ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’. The reboot stars Jared Padalecki in the lead role. The Season 2 Episode 14 episode is titled ‘No Such Thing Is Fair Play’ and it has been directed by none other than Jensen Ackles. The Supernatural duo reunited and gave a memorable episode which featured plenty of Supernatural references and Easter Eggs. The episode starting with a plate of bacon is a direct reference to Dean Winchester. Even Jared pointed out to this reference on Easter Egg. The other subtle references and Easter Eggs this episode included a green cooler (SPN Fans remember it perfectly), the choice of beverages, and most notably the Kansas band singing ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’. This particular song is the official anthem of the Supernatural fandom. And the green cooler has been seen in numerous SPN scenes, it was even featured in the SPN finale where Bobby and Dean share a cold one

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The Boys is one of the most successful series of the Amazon Prime. It is based on the comic book series. Season 3 of the Boys features Jensen Ackles playing the role of Soldier Boy. The actor had to really earn the role by convincing the creators that he’s the right choice. Interestingly, Eric Kripke who created Supernatural and directed the Season 1-5 is also the creator of ‘The Boys’. The Impala has been featured as an Easter Egg in a scene in the Boys Season 2. Apart from Jensen, Jim Beaver who played Bobby Singer in the SPN appeared in the Boys as Robert Singer. The name of this character is a direct reference to the SPN executive producer Robert Singer. The character of Soldier Boy can be seen launching a rocket launcher which is a nod to Jensen’s character Dean who has been trying to use a grenade launcher since Season 1 in Supernatural.



The Lucky Ones is the Episode 12 of Season 11 of the Walking Dead. Season 11 is the final episode of the AMC’s hit show. The Walking Dead has referenced certain shows and movies in its long 11-year run. The Season 11 reference none other than Supernatural. The reference came from none other than Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie Greene in the Walking Dead. The actress once played Bela Talbot in the Supernatural. A huntress who bested the boys numerous times. Her character was written off due to fans backlash. The episode features Lauren’s character Maggie mentioning how she once used to carry a rabbit’s foot which is considered to be lucky. This is interesting because Lauren’s character Bela on Supernatural stole a lucky rabbit’s foot from Sam Winchester in Season 3.

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  1. Bela talbot was not a Huntress she was a thief who stole supernatural artifacts an sold to very rich clientele.


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