Supernatural Hell Hierarchy: Ranking The Demons According To Their Stature


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Then we have the Princes of Hell, the second most powerful demons of Hell. They are also known as the generals of the demon army. There have been four Princes of Hell namely Azazel, Dagon, Ramiel, and Asmodeus. They possess a variety of special powers such as dream manipulation, controlling fire, and can even possess reapers. These are resistant to holy water and other normal means to defeat a demon. They are extremely powerful as we have seen Dagon easily disposing angels with her hands. It took a Colt to kill Azazel, Lance of Michael to kill Ramiel, Jack’s powers to kill Dagon, and Gabriel killed Asmodeus. The Princes of Hell are the first generation of the demons who created them before the Atlantis Sinking. Princes of Hell are very powerful and strong, their powers are only rivaled by Lilith and they are Lilith’s second in command in the demon hierarchy.

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They are the very first demons who were selected by the Lucifer and were trained by Cain. They are the elites, the extremely powerful demons. There is only weapon which could kill them. It’s the First Blade which requires the Mark of Cain to work. Cain eliminated all the demons except Abaddon. These demons have full black eyes and are described as to be the ‘absolutely pure’ demons which makes them very special. Cain was the first Knight of Hell and Dean was the last. The Knights of Hell came after the Princes of Hell. They are a kind of sub-species of the black-eyed demons. They are somewhat separate from the hierarchy of the hell and aren’t the royalty as the Princes of Hell.


Supernatural Hell Hierarchy: Ranking The Demons According To Their Stature
The CW

Apart from the demons, we have mentioned on the list. Throughout the show, we have been introduced to various other special demons who are one of ther kind and don’t fit into any other sub-type. We have Samhain who had the multicolored eyes. He could be summoned in every 600 years. He is the demon responsible behind the origin of Halloween. Then we have the Seven Deadly Sins who are the physical versions of the seven infamous mortal sins. They could be killed using the demon killing Knife. Disasters Demons are the ones responsible for disasters and can possess a person by entering their eyes. Acheri demons do not need a host. They are like the demon mutations who appear only to the young girls. Jesse Turner is the antichrist born through a woman who was under the possession of a demon. He was supposed to aid Lucifer in the apocalypse. But due to the Winchesters intervention, Jesse Turner chose to act differently. Later in the Supernatural, we were introduced to Belphegor whose eye color is unknown. He possessed the vessel of nephilim Jack. He is believed to a very old demon.


Supernatural Hell Hierarchy: Ranking The Demons According To Their Stature

The Crossroads demons are the ones with the red eyes. They are much powerful and possess extra abilities than the regular demons. Crossroads Demons are the above the normal demons in the hell hierarchy. They can teleport and are best known for their ability to make deals with the humans. In exchange for the human soul, these demons can grant anything to a human. Like the normal black-eyed demons, they also have numerous superiors/bosses who are normally a Yellow-Eyed or a White-Eyed. These demons answer to the King of Hell. Crowley is the most powerful Red-Eyed Demon ever known who also became the King of Hell.


Supernatural Hell Hierarchy: Ranking The Demons According To Their Stature

They sit at the lowest in the demon hierarchy. The most common class of demons are the black-eyed demons who can possess humans, they have super strength, and a few more abilities. However, They are vulnerable to holy water, Devil’s Trap, and salt. They are the minions or foot soldiers of the other superior demons. However, there are some exceptions such as Ruby or Meg. Despite being black-eyed demons, they were far more stronger.

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