Supernatural Or Lucifer Quiz: Which Lucifer Is This?


Welcome to Humor Nation. The character of the devil AKA Lucifer has been played by many different actors. It’s really hard to say which portrayal is the best. There have been different takes on the character in movies and TV series. Speaking of TV Shows, Lucifer is one such show which centers around Lucifer Morningstar who takes a hiatus from his responsibilities in hell and he comes to Los Angeles and opens a nightclub named LUX. But Tom Ellis isn’t the only one who has played the character, Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural breathed fresh life into the character with his performance. Mark played a very manipulative, ruthless, and cold Lucifer who wouldn’t mind snapping his fingers if you pissed him off even a bit.


How Well Do You Remember Season 2 Of Lucifer?

Both of the Lucifers are sarcastic and funny at times especially Tom Ellis’ Lucifer is more of comic relief. Both characters have different kinds of motivations behind their actions. Tom’s Lucifer battles his inner demons, he is trying to figure out who he truly is, and how he can overcome all his flaws and become a better person. He is trying to balance the evil and goodness present inside him.

Supernatural Or Lucifer Quiz: Which Lucifer Is This?

Mark’s Lucifer originally wanted to start an apocalypse and start a war against the godly angels. He seeks power and wants to become the almighty. Lucifer in Supernatural was cast out after the mark which sealed darkness corrupted him. Both the Lucifers live on their terms.

So Tale This Supernatural Or Lucifer Quiz And Figure Out Which Lucifer Is This?

Supernatural Or Lucifer Quiz: Which Lucifer Is This?

Mark Pellegrino? Tom Ellis? Let's see how well you know the Satan.

Images Source: The CW

So did you manage to differentiate between the two Lucifers? Also, we would like to know Who do you think best portrayed the character of Lucifer, Mark Pellegrino or Tom Ellis? Share your opinion with us by commenting below.
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