Supernatural Or Lucifer Quiz: Which Lucifer Is This?


Welcome to Humor Nation. There have been numerous villains in the history, but the devil AKA Satan is believed to be the worst out of them all. After all, people always blame him for all the evil and the bad. There have been numerous portrayals of the devil AKA Lucifer in the TV. But there have been only a handful that managed to stand the test of time. Some of the versions of Lucifer are based on the books, some were created originally for the series. Some versions are charming while some are downright terrifying. Two of the most popular versions of the devil are from the TV series Supernatural and Lucifer.


5 Interesting Ways How Lucifer And Supernatural Are Connected!

If you have seen Supernatural then you know that this Lucifer is actually the devil, the Satan, the evil entity who doesn’t care about anyone, but himself. He would light the world on fire to keep himself warm. He is responsible for the deaths of many innocents. There’s no limit that he won’t cross. Whereas the Tom Ellis Lucifer is actually compassionate, despite given all the bad reputation, he always try to do the right thing. But they share numerous personality traits such both can be self absorbed, can crack sarcastic jokes. While Tom Ellis devil is much more fashionable compared to the Supernatural one.

Supernatural Or Lucifer Quiz: Which Lucifer Is This?

Another similarity they share is blaming their father God for all their actions. While Lucifer from Lucifer after an intensive therapy managed to self reflect and realize his own flaws and insecurities, but the Supernatural one never felt remorse for any of his subjects. He blamed God for getting close to the humanity and ignoring the angels. Another interesting thing is both the Lucifer reconciled with their fathers and worked together. The Tom Ellis one managed to redeem himself, but the Supernatural version didn’t really change right till the end.

Supernatural Or Lucifer Quiz: Which Lucifer Is This?
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Both the Lucifers share numerous similarities and yet are different in various aspects. For example, the Supernatural Lucifer has killed his brother Gabriel. He killed him because he stood against him. This version of the devil also shared a complicated relationship with his brother and wouldn’t mind harming them seriously. Whereas Tom Ellis’ Lucifer was forced to kill his brother Uriel in order to save his love Chloe Decker. Even after killing Uriel, he was devastated and filled with guilt.

So Tale This Supernatural Or Lucifer Quiz And Figure Out Which Lucifer Is This?

Supernatural Or Lucifer Quiz: Which Lucifer Is This?

Mark Pellegrino? Tom Ellis? Let's see how well you know the Satan.

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