Supernatural Season 15 Will Feature An Angel Veteran

Welcome to Humor Nation. Though Supernatural has always revolved around the Winchesters. The younger brother Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), and we have known that brothers have never been alone in their good fight against monsters, demons, angels, and whatever danger comes in their way. The finale season of Supernatural will see an angel veteran making his debut on the show.

Supernatural Season 15 Will Feature An Angel Veteran

In Season 15, the gang is going to see a new face in the form of Angel actor Christian Kane and don’t worry he won’t be playing the character of a shady lawyer.

At the end of Season 14, we saw God shocking everyone by deciding to turn on the Winchesters and started his big bad plan by starting a zombie apocalypse. This isn’t your typical TWD zombie apocalypse, the brothers will be fighting every creature that they once sent to hell. And they will be finding an ally in the form of Angel’s Lindsey McDonald himself?

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Angel veteran Christian Kane is going to make his debut on Supernatural. He is known for his work on the Buffy the Vampire spinoff, where he alternated between playing a villain to David’s Angel and playing an ally. On Supernatural, he will be playing a former hunter named Leo Webb who had worked with Dean in the past. His character is described as a friend which is great because we know Dean Winchester doesn’t trust people easily and he doesn’t let anyone get close to him. What’s even more interesting is that Leo has never met Sam Winchester. The fans might see a flashback to the old hunting days of Dean set in a time prior to the disapperance of John Winchester.

The co-showrunner Andrew Dabb has also revealed that the brothers will lose certain characters in a very “real way,” which indicates that this time the death will be permanent. So the Winchesters have to deal with the zombies, hell and heaven, and also death component which will be final this time.

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  1. When will season 15 of Supernatural start? It’s one of my very favorite all time shows.I also love to watch Angel the Vampire.


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