Supernatural Season 13: Castiel Reunites With The Winchesters!

The fans of the TV show ‘Supernatural’ are now accustomed to seeing their favorite characters die, yet it is never simple when the dear angel Castiel bites the dust. The heavenly angel of the lord has been a focal figure in the series and its storyline for many years now. But recently in the finale of Supernatural Season 12, when Lucifer sent Castiel to the Empty (a place where all the angels, demons go when they are killed or die) and that was it for Castiel, the devastating finale had left us all fans in tears. However, with the help of Jack and a little bit of luck, Castiel has finally been reunited with the Winchesters in the latest episode of Supernatural titled ‘Advanced Thanatology’.

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The latest episode of the show started with Dean Winchester finding himself in a dark place yet again. Sam comes up with a case, the boys decide to investigate the case of a demented doctor. But the gig ends up being much more dangerous than Sam or Dean had ever thought.


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The two hunters are pitted against the disturbing ghost of a doctor specialist who once performed perverted lobotomies.

The two brothers became overwhelmed and overpowered when they confront the various ghosts of the victims who were tortured sadistically by the doctor.

The ghost can’t be put to rest without finding and burning the bodies of the victims. Dean decides to kill himself so he can learn about the location of the victims’ bodies from the Reapers.

As the episode progresses, Dean finds himself helpless, Sam can’t figure out to revive Dean. And Dean meets the new Death in charge, it’s none other than Billie who just got a promotion. Billie helps Dean by sending all the trapped ghosts where they belong and sends Dean back to life in exchange for some information about Jack.

So finally at the end of episode 5 of Supernatural Season 13, we see Castiel reuniting with the Winchesters!

Dean receives a call from an old friend, a familiar voice on the other end.

OMG Moment of the season! CASTIEL IS BACK!!

Dean is having a hard time believing that it’s his best friend. Good things do happen Dean.
Supernatural Season 13: Castiel Reunites With The Winchesters!

Castiel’s expression sums up everything, the perfect moment for every SPN. Words can’t describe the feels.

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