Surprising Facts About Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

6. Death of Netaji

His death is a complete mystery as people say that he died in a plane crash in Taipei on 18th of August 1945, but no body was ever found and some ashes were found which were taken to Japan but there is no proof that it is his. Some say that he survived and lived in Russia and later on in U.P, India as Bhagwanji Baba and then died in the year 1985 in Faizabad. Which story is true nobody knows.

7. Ranked fourth in ICS exam

He went to England to give the ICS exam as he promised his father to do so. When he was ranked 4th on the list he was unhappy as he didn’t want to work for the government he hated the most and resigned from ICS in the year 1921.

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8. Editor of “Forward” newspaper

Netaji Subash Chandra Bose was the editor in chief of the Forward newspaper and later he started his own newspaper named Swaraj.

9. Patriots of Patriots

He almost made every sacrifice he could for his beloved nation and till now he is considered as patriotic idol for many and also had many rivals in his own country which mostly included his countrymen only. Most of them were the members of the Congress.

10. Azad Hind radio station

Netaji had formed the Azad Hind radio station for the nationalist movement against East India in Germany.

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