10 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone created a sensation by stepping into Bollywood a few years ago. She was recognized as an adult industry star earlier, this became the reason of having an extra attention on her entry in the Indian film industry. Sunny Leone’s real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra and she was born in Canada. She is currently having a Canadian-American nationality. She has acted in more than 50 adult movies in the past and also directed 59 adult films along with her husband Daniel Weber. There are many unknown facts about this Bollywood Diva.

Let’s have a look at some of the unknown facts about Sunny Leone!

Sunny Is A Great Social Worker.

Apart from the film industry, Sunny Leone is a great social worker. She has an association with many Non-Government Organizations and she has been working for raising funds for the cancer patients under American Cancer Society. She is also a great pet lover and worked with PETA to spread awareness about caring the pets.

Career Before Stepping Into Adult Industry

Before stepping into the adult industry, Sunny Leone worked in a German Bakery. She had plans of becoming a nurse, so she started to go to college and was studying medical science. She had decided to pursue her career in the medical field. At the time of her studies, she was also working at a tax and retirement firm part-time.


Aamir Khan Is Her Favorite Actor

Though Sunny Leone hasn’t watched many Bollywood movies, but she is most impressed by Aamir Khan. His dedication and the hard work which he puts in his work is absolutely remarkable. When she was a child, she watched “Dil” movie of Aamir Khan which mesmerized her and she became a huge fan of Aamir Khan. After that, she became a huge fan of Aamir Khan.

She Was Scared Before Moving To India

Sunny Leone was very scared before she decided to move to India. She was hugely criticized by the Indian community of America. She used to receive many hate emails from the people and they all were trying to stop her from entering into India. But she didn’t listen to anybody and decided to come to India. According to her, it was one the greatest decisions ever made by her. After some time all the Indian community people started supporting her.

Sunny Has A Phobia Of Bugs And Insects

Sunny Leone has a phobia of all types of insects and bugs, she can not tolerate the presence of them near her. She is obsessed with tidiness near her every time. That’s something strange and only a few people might be aware of this fact.

Sunny Was Offered Kalyug Movie

Her entry in Bollywood could have been possible a long time ago. The director of Kalyug movie, Movie Suri approached her for the movie but she demanded a huge sum of 1 million dollars which was not possible to pay at that time. There were lots of other Bollywood movies where Sunny Leone was approached, but the same issue of over demands turned down all the offers.

Sunny’s First Mainstream Appearance

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone made her first appearance in Indian television industry in the year 2005, where she appeared as a reporter of red carpet in the MTV India awards. She also played cameos in many movies.

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