This Is The Real Reason Why Taarak-Anjali, Babita-Iyer Don’t Have Children!

Welcome to Humor Nation. It’s been more than 10 years since the show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah first aired. We have witnessed this show’s journey from just another comedy show to the most popular comedy sitcom in India. But one question that’s still lingering in everyone’s minds is that why don’t Taarak Mehta and Krishnan Iyer have any children?

This Is The Real Reason Why Taarak-Anjali, Babita-Iyer Don't Have Children!

So Let’s Take A Look At The Real Reason Why Taarak-Anjali, Babita-Iyer Don’t Have Children!

1. It’s because Anjali took a vow that she will never have kids until her husband Taarak loses 10 KG weight. We all know Taarak loves food, he cannot control himself when it comes to food matters. And that’s the big reason why he’s not able to lose weight till now…and the couple doesn’t have any children. 

2. The modern and independent woman Babita loves her figure so very much. And there’s no way she would ruin it. Or it may be because she has taken a vow not to have any kids until she becomes a hit successful mode. 

3. Another explanation is that Jetha doesn’t want Babita to become the mother of Iyer’s child. He is the reason why the couple cannot grow their family. And Anjali-Tarak are lovebirds, Anjali believes that bringing a child in this world would require her to distract from Taraak’s diet plan and look after the kid. So she’s not ready for it.

Jokes apart, the real reason why Taarak-Anjali, Babita-Iyer don’t have kids is that the creator of the show Asit Kumar Modiji and the writing team of Taarak Mehta do not want it. As we can see the other children of the Tappu Sena have now grown up, it’s been 10 years since the show first aired.


Now if the creators decide to introduce any new permanent characters then it would be a great challenge and a big responsibility for the production house of the show. These new characters should comply well with the existing characters, new stories should be developed for these new characters and a proper screen time would be given to them to justify their character. This is a not an easy task for the team, especially when you’re talking about the most watched sitcom in India.

Remember? We have seen the entire journey of Tapu Sena, we have seen these kids growing up from little children to teenagers. The creators had to build up stories depicting their stage of growing up, their admission to the college, the difficulties and the challenges they experienced in their lives..everything …. then only the fans accepted Tapu Sena. We even saw their fear of exams, kids making the wrong decision…everything that we have personally experienced too.

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Now at this stage of the show, introducing new characters in the form of children, that too starting with infants, would be disturbing & would create tension for the production team. So the fans should simply enjoy the show without worrying about Babita-Iyyer and Taarak Mehta-Anjali Mehta’s children.

But that doesn’t mean we would never get to see any new permanent characters in the future. We could definitely see Popatlal’s wife sometime in the distant future.

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