Take A Look At Perfect Body Shape Throughout the History

Hello readers! welcome back to Humor Nation. People try to look physically attractive. Everyone has different body shape depend on their diet or on lifestyles. Everyone wants a desirable ideal body. Especially a woman is always concern about her body as people judge them on the basis of their body. But the desires of people change with time.

So here is the list of different perfect body shapes throughout the history. What the perfect ‘body shape’ meant for different generations!

1. 1400-1700

Take A Look At Perfect Body Shape Throughout the History

Italian renaissance At that time the women body reflect the status of her husband. beauty in renaissance Italy meant a rounded stomach, including high hips and large breast. Thin body meant that you are poor.

2. The 1920s

Take A Look At Perfect Body Shape Throughout the History


The fashion of the 1920s emphasized a boyish figure that lacked hips, breast, and a defined waist. They try to hide their curves and so they can fit in flapper dresses.

3. The 1950s

Take A Look At Perfect Body Shape Throughout the History

the hourglass figure which is defined by the measurement of the circumference of the bust, waist, and hips that is 36-21-36. The women are advertised to eat body gain pills to get that size.

4. The early 90s

This is the time when the thin body shape come into the role. That so-called heroic chic comes into the trend which has angular bone structure and pale skin, while the androgynous style was in.

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5. The Mid 90s and early 2000

Big boobs, flat stomach, and thigh gaps are in. this is the era of Victoria secret angel. She is thin, tall, and she always got long legs and full chest and have measurements 34-24-34.

6. The mid 2010s – 2018

Big butts, wide hips and tiny waist, and full lips. This increases the surgery trend in women to get this ideal body shape. Between 2012-2014 but implantation by surgery is increased by 58%.

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