Take The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know V Wars?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Ian Somerhalder will always be remembered by the TVD fans for his role of Damon Salvatore. He’s the older Salvatore brother who ends up with Elena Gilbert. V Wars stars the TVD lead actor Ian Somerhalder who plays the role of Dr. Luther Swann who faces a virus outbreak which turns the humans into the vampires. The people around him start turning into the vampires including his best friend Michael Fayne. His friend becomes the underground leader of the powerful vampires fraction.This results in an escalating between the two fractions.

Take The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know V Wars?

How Well Do You Know Bonnie Bennett From TVD?

Season 1 of the show was an immense success and speaking about season 2, the actor said that he’s really excited about it. The next season will start where the previous one ended and will follow the story-lines from the V Wars comics.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know V Wars?

So guys, how much did you score on this amazing V Wars quiz? Also, we would like to know who’s your favorite character from the V Wars and why so? Even though there’s no official word on season 2, but the fans are pretty excited and convinced that there will be a new season. Don’t forget to share this quiz with your fellow friends.

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