Take The Quiz And Find Out Who Is Your Black Butler BFF?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Black Butler is set in the era of Victorian times and revolves around a 13-year old earl named Ciel Phantomhive. When the Phantomhive manor was attacked by some assasins who kill the parents of Ciel Phantomhive and set the Phantomhive manor on fire. Ciel finds his parents, Rachel and Vincent Phantomhive dead along with his dog Sebastian. But the tragedy doesn’t stop there, he is kidnapped by attackers and he ends up with a demon-worshipping cult who then put him through a lot of physical and mental abuse. Black Butler has plenty of interesting characters who would make a great BFF.

Take The Quiz And Find Out Who Is Your Black Butler BFF?

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On the night when Ciel was to be sacrificed, a demon appeared who revealed that he has been summoned by Ciel. And he agrees to form the contact only with Ciel, not with the members of the cult. Sebastian forms with a Faustian contract with the Ciel, the seal of his contract can be seen on Ciel’s right eye and the seal is present on Sebastian’s hand. In exchange for his services, he will consume Ciel’s soul at the end of the contract.

After getting the demon on his side, he names the demon entity as ‘Sebastian’ and returns back to society with him. He takes over the position of the Watchdog which was once held by his dog. Taking care of the underworld and solving the crimes for her majesty. He protects the crown of England.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out Who Is Your Black Butler BFF?

So who’s your BFF according to the quiz? Do you agree with the results of this black Butler quiz? Which Black Butler character is your favorite and why so? Don’t forget to share this interesting quiz with your Kuroshitsuji friends.
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