Take This Quiz And Find Out If Jughead Jones Will Date You Or Not!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Jughead Jones is one of the most interesting characters on Riverdale. The character first appeared in the Archie ‘Pep Story’ comics which was released in 1941. The character has been created by John Goldwater and Bob Montana. He is the best friend of Archie Andrews who is a guitarist and vocalist, Jughead plays the drums. He is an eccentric, sharp-tongued and smart individual. Jughead is shown to a food lover and in many storylines, he has been depicted as asexual.

Take This Quiz And Find Out If Jughead Jones Will Date You Or Not!

How Well Do You Know Riverdale? If You’re A Fan Then Take This Quiz!

Jughead loves hamburgers and has the ability to consume large amounts of food without gaining weight or getting sick. He is a popular customer at many of the Riverdale food restaurants. He also has the ability to identify any food just by its smell. His character is often seen participating in the eating contests and often emerging as a winner. Jughead holds the record for eating the most number of pizzas in a single sitting and also the record for speed eating a pizza. His appetite is so huge that even if eats before an eating competition, it doesn’t affect his performance.

He is known to be always wearing a trademark beanie which became famously known as the Jughead cap. Although in the comics, in many storylines he is shown to be asexual, showing no interest in the romantic relationships. But Jughead in the TV adaptation ‘Riverdale’ is involved in a relationship with Betty Cooper. Their pairing is famously known as the Bughead by the fans.

So Let’s Take A Look At Take This Quiz And Find Out If Jughead Jones Will Date You Or Not!

So would you be interested in dating this eccentric character? What do you like the most about Jughead’s character?
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