Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Anime Do You Belong In?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Anime world is one a kind. For us Otaku lovers, Anime is our life, it’s our escape from the boring, ordinary world. It has all the wonders, mysteries, and surprises that attracts us. There are so many amazing anime, each having a different world and diferent set of amazing characters. If you could choose to live in anyone, which one would you choose and why?

Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Anime Do You Belong In?

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Do you want to live in a world of Ghouls who have to eat human flesh in order to survive and there are people who want to eliminate these ghouls! You have to desert your humanity in order to survive and do whatever is necessary. Or would you rather live in a world where there are demons and angels, you can make a contract with the demons to get what you wanted. A world set in Victorian times.

How would a world where there is a self-proclaimed God who has the power to kill anyone with a simple fingerstroke. A world where two people are fighting in the name of Justice, for what they believe in. Or How would a world where strange creatures like worm appear who are known as Parasytes. They can take over the human brains and control them. Now they take over the world and you have to stop them at all costs. So there are numerous anime, numerous stories, numerous possibilities. Which one would you choose?

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Anime World Do You Belong In? 

So which anime do you belong to? And would you like to live in the fantasy world of the anime that you got as a result? Don’t forget to share this amazing anime quiz with your friends.

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