Take This Quiz And Find Out Which “Riverdale” Character Are You

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Riverdale is a teen drama show and the characters in this show are based on the famous Archie comics. KJ Apa(Archie), Cole Sprouse(Jughead), Lili Reinhart(Betty) and Cami Mendes(Veronica) play the lead roles in this TV series. The cast also features rest of the characters like Cheryl Blossom, Reggie, Josie, Kevin, etc as you may have seen in the comic books.

Take This Quiz And Find Out Which "Riverdale" Character Are You

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All the characters in this show are different and unique and help in making Riverdale a better place to live in. Like the character of Archie is fun loving who loves music, boxing, basketball, etc and goes to high school with his best friends Betty and Jughead. The character of Betty Cooper is simple yet smart who solves her problem by herself with the help of her friends. Veronica’s character is shown as a rich socialite girl who knows what’s best for her and can do anything to help her friends and she isn’t that typical daddy’s girl at all.

Jughead Jones’s character is my favorite and he is always willing to help his friends and his serpents gang and does everything to get rid of the bad stuff in Riverdale. Rest of the characters like Cheryl Blossom is a manipulative girl who does things in her own way but when it comes to her loved ones she can cross any line. The rest characters like Toni, Reggie, Kevin, Alice etc are also this different and you’ll love watching them on the show.

Take This Quiz And Find Out Which "Riverdale" Character Are You

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So there are many different characters on this show and all are unique in there own and if you follow this show and you call yourself a fan then you’ll have fun taking the quiz down below.

Take this quiz and know which Riverdale character are you in real life. So come on and find it out now!

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