Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Supernatural Demon Are You?

Welcome to Humor Nation. So we were very early introduced to the concept of Demons in Supernatural. They are malevolent spirits and demons are the complete opposite of the angels. Actually they are created from human souls, when a human soul has endured immense amount of torture in Hell by the notorious demons such as Alastair. Through this extensive torture, the soul becomes corrupted, evil, and they become powerful. Like Angels, a demon also requires a vessel which they call a meat suit to walk on Earth. They can also walk free in the form of smoke. They are most reoccurring Supernatural creatures and they serve as the primary antagonists from time to time.

Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Supernatural Demon Are You?

Take The Quiz And Find Out Which Supernatural Angel Are You?

The demons have forgotten what it is like to be human. It is said they engage in such wrongful destructive acts because they find it fun or they avoid being tortured themselves. There are a few demons who actually believe in Lucifer’s mission to cleanse the earth and that they are superior to the humans. Demons could possess humans by entering through their mouth. A possessed human looks normal, the way he did before possession, only their eyes change. They become black, yellow, white, red, the color depends on the class of demon possessing them.

One can become a demon by making a deal with the crossroad demon or…the other way which isn’t very pleasant. It involves one going to hell. So you went to hell. Now the biggest question is what did you become? Of course a demon, but which demon would you be?

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Supernatural Demon Are You?


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