Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Umbrella Academy Member You Are!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Umbrella Academy is one of the best web series on Netflix right now. If you still haven’t seen this Superhero series then I’d suggest you watch it today on Netflix. The show tells the story of a dysfunctional family where the adopted siblings who are superheroes come together to uncover the mystery of their father’s death.

The story begins when suddenly women around the world start giving birth without showing any sign of pregnancy. A billionaire named Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven of these children who were born out of this unexpected sudden pregnancy.

Umbrella Academy: Differences Between Vanya From The Show And Comics

He grooms them into Superheroes and labels them as ‘The Umbrella Academy’. Initially, these kids were given a number instead of names by Hargreeves, but their nanny robot mom gave them names. Reginald would keep the six of the kids together in fighting the crimes but kept Vanya far away from her siblings’ crime-fighting activities.

Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Umbrella Academy Member You Are!

At the present day, the siblings have all grown up and are engaged in their own personal occupations. Allison is an actress, Luther became an astronaut, Klaus is a drug addicted party animal, Ben is a ghost who can only communicate with Klaus, Diego is a vigilante, and Vanya became a violinist. The siblings gather at their father’s funeral. Things get interesting when Number Five who returns from the future revealing that an apocalypse is coming. Now the siblings must reunite to solve the mystery of their father’s death and prevent the apocalypse.

So Let’s Take A Look At This Quiz And Find Out Which Umbrella Academy Member You Are!

So which Umbrella Academy superhero are you? Don’t forget to share the screenshot of the result in the group’s comments section. Don’t forget to share this with your Umbrella Academy friends.
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