Ted Bundy: How A Regular Law Student Became The Most Notorious Serial Killer!!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Here is a real story of a normal Law student who becomes a notorious serial Killer and by his face, it would seem strange that a person like Ted Bundy would be involved in any crime at all. He is a well educated and well-dressed man and well on his way in becoming a lawyer. Even he was an active part of his social communities, people often recount that Bundy was a well-dressed man who had a way with words. But then what happens?

So here are some unknown and interesting facts about Ted Bundy: The most notorious serial killer of all time!

1. Family

Ted Bundy was Born to an unwed mother and his father identity was not known and he was raised by his grandparents. and he discovered this his parental parentage was not known into his teen and many often blame his action on this and after finding himself as an illegitimate child it stuck him in an emotional crisis.

Ted Bundy: How A Regular Law Student Became The Most Notorious Serial Killer!!

2. Relationship

Bundy had a romantic relationship with a girl he met at college while studying Psychology but she broke his heart by ending the relationship. Though many are also the view that the dark crime that he was to commits was the result of this very first relationship. However, this didn’t deter him from having any other relationships.

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Here are the reasons why people hate him and celebrate and burst cracker on his death.

3. Bundy kidnapped several women’s from different areas across the US but no one knew he does this. There were eyewitness reports of a young man who’d be last seen with the victims but police also find difficulty in arresting him because of his spotless track record.

4. He lures women into helping him with his car and later, sexually assault them and at times, even mutilated their bodies only to murder them in gruesome ways. Bundy, the serial killer was responsible for the death of over 30 women. But these are the ones whom he was convicted. while many people said that the count could have been up to 100.

5. Later Ted himself admitted that he also committed necrophilia by often going and lying with the bodies of the women he had killed and he would apply makeup on them and dress their hair.

6. He severed and preserved 12 of his victims’ heads and even his desire to kill women was so strong he managed to escape from the jail and went on a killing spree and ended up killing four young women in a span of fifteen minutes and after this, he went to kidnap a 12-year-old and murdered her.

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7. Police face very difficulty in caught him because he hides with his excellent ability and leaves very little evidence behind. There was the bite mark on one of his victims that was used to prove that he was, indeed, a killer.

8. He spends fourteen years in jail and he was so cold-blooded that throughout the time in jail he didn’t once admit to accepting the killing and just two days before his death he speaks about which many assume was a ploy by him to extend the date of his execution.

9. One cannot imagine that Ted Bundy could be such a demon who preyed on young women and cut short their lives. Even while he was being tried for murder, he’d come to court dressed up in coat and pants and there he represented himself and fought his own case giving his legal knowledge.

10. The gravity of what he had done but was in denial given the fact that he could admit to all his crimes while talking to a journalist but in the third person. A criminal could come right from the middle of all of us and they are intelligent people who just choose to use their mental ability for gruesome crimes.

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