Here Are Some Terrifying Mysteries Of Bermuda Triangle And It’s Scary!

Bermuda Triangle
The missing flight and guide them back to base but just minutes after take off the search plane and it became lost to the Bermuda Triangle.

In December 1945, US navy regiment left Florida and took into the sky for a routine hour return flight for the drill of training and exercise. But minutes after the journey, the leader of the flight Lieutenant Charles Taylor reported the control tower alerting them about something being wrong. Taylor reported that all of his compasses had malfunctioned He was heard over the radio transmission reporting “we don’t know which way is west Everything is wrong Even the ocean doesn’t look as it should” Flying over the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean in what’s now called the Bermuda Triangle the flight and crew shortly lost contact with the control tower and flight 19 was never seen again Later that evening a search plane was sent in a desperate attempt to locate the missing flight and guide them back to base but just minutes after take off the search plane and its man crew became lost to the Bermuda Triangle.

Let’s Know More About Bermuda Triangle.

Several activities in the Bermuda Triangle have been reported since when the crew of explorer Christopher Columbus edged ever closer to what he would call ‘The New World’ Columbus’ log reported seeing strange lights whilst the sea took on an eerie calm before rising high without the wind He also noted that the ship’s compass gave erratic readings which panicked the already restless crew Situated in between Florida Bermuda and Puerto Rico the legend – do you mean the phrase? – of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ was coined by author Vincent Gaddis in an article in the magazine Argosy to explain the perceived phenomenon of airplanes and ships going missing without a trace without explanation He was compelled by mysteries such as Flight and the USS Cyclops which got lost at sea off the coast of Barbados in resulting in the loss of lives the biggest loss of life in US Navy history not related to combat.

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According to the Gaddis, Bermuda Triangle is a true mystery, ‘US Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard experts have admitted the fact that they are baffled’. In the past, several ships & planes have dramatically disappeared without even a single a trace in the Bermuda Triangle. There are some disastrous mechanisms that are involved in the Bermuda Triangle which nobody could understand. This has been suggested to be the case in explaining the story of the Ellen Austin an American vessel that found a deserted schooner on the Atlantic Ocean.

A Floridian pilot Bruce Gernon, who claims to be a survivor of the Bermuda Triangle described the Bermuda Triangle as a ring-shaped electric fog. According to him, he flew through the fog and nothing was visible to him and his navigational instruments also stopped working, but he somehow managed to get out of supernatural fog and then he noticed a tunnel forming in the cloud when he broke out he had reached the coast of Miami leaving Gernon to conclude that the cloud he’d flown through was a time vortex Whilst some conspiracists look to the skies of the Bermuda Triangle for answers others believe that the answers lie deep underwater.

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With the discovery of the submerged rock formation known as the Bimini Road off the island of Bimini, conspiracy theorists Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki have come to believe that this formation is man-made and therefore evidence of the underwater city of Atlantis. The Gulf Stream essentially acts as a river within the Atlantic ocean it flows through the Straits of Florida into the North Atlantic and its powerful current is a possible explanation for why there is no debris from ship and plane wreckages which may be swept away by the Gulf Stream erasing any evidence of disaster.

The Caribbean-Atlantic weather system is not reliable and the Bermuda Triangle covers the same area as hurricane alley, it’s also located in the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean where the sea floor is up to 20000 ft deep, it was suggested that it’s very deep that’s why destroyed stuff of ships and planes are hard to recover. This further strengthened the suspicion that the area hosts mysterious properties Since the s the US have used this base to conduct underwater tests research and in-air tracking raising questions about what exactly they are monitoring down there.

Despite there being valid reasons to explain the apparent phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle, the US Coast Guard argue that the area is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world and disappearances in the area are proportionally no more frequent than anywhere else in the world. Meanwhile, some land areas that fall within the Bermuda Triangle don’t appear to be affected, but whether or not the Bermuda Triangle exists, it symbolises the reality that despite all we know of the world and advances in tracking devices our world is still large enough for our ships and planes to disappear without a trace.

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