The Originals: 5 Saddest Moments That Made Us Cry

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Over the course of five seasons, The Originals managed to keep us at the edge of our seats through its surprising twists and turns, the thrills captivated our interests, the romances melted our hearts, and the deaths broke our hearts. Today we are counting down five most saddest moments in the history of Originals.

So Take A Look At The 5 Saddest Moments Of ‘The Originals’ That Made Us Cry

5. Death of Cami

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Cami loved Klaus with ll her heart, accepted all his flaws and believed in his qualities and abilities. She treated Klaus as a person, not as a monster or a beast. She was the one who inspired Klaus to open up his heart to love, to learn to forgive, trust people, and be at peace. After centuries of pain and suffering, Klaus deserved to have a loving partner in his life. and that too was taken away from him. When Cami dies, Klaus didn’t lash out in anger, he is actually very sad and he cried his heart out. He displayed his pure emotion because he loved Cami with all his heart.

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4. Death of Finn

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The Mikaelson siblings have lost and lost. Right from the beginning, growing under an abusive father and then being transformed into vampires. They never got to live a normal life, surrounded with their family members. When Finn returned, we were hoping maybe all these siblings could be finally together and be united. Even though Finn is definitely the least favorite Mikaelson, but his death was really heart breaking.

Just when we thought that Klaus blood worked, it didn’t, and what came next shocked us. Finn definitely didn’t deserve to die like that. What’s more heart breaking is seeing him hallucinate that he is still locked in his coffin, thinking that all his siblings abandoned him. It was truly sad and from his attitude of thanking his brothers and sisters, being a family, being nice to them. We really wish the creators could have given us more of that where Finn was standing by his siblings, standing with them and not plotting against them.

3. Elijah Regains His Memories

The Originals: 5 Saddest Moments That Made Us Cry
The CW

Even though most of us were irritated with Elijah in the fifth season, but the scene of him regaining his memories and crying is so sad. Realizing his failure to save the love of his life Hayley while she died in front of him. Elijah completely breaks down. What makes this scene so emotional is seeing how much pain Elijah was in. It not only broke the hearts of the viewers, but also his family’s. Marcel looking away, Rebekah holding back her tears, and Kol crying.


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