The Real Reason Why Vince McMahon Is Pushing Baron Corbin In Main Event Scene

Welcome to Humor Nation. Baron Corbin has positioned himself as a top WWE heel after two consecutive main event matches in two PPV. But this isn’t the end of his main event push, there’s more to come.

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There’s no denying that Baron Corbin’s popularity is experiencing a surge right. The wrestler couldn’t win a single PPV match in the year 2018 and now there is a strange turn of events. Baron Corbin has found himself in the main event scene again, he’s right there at the top of the card on WWE flagship show RAW. Now the wrestler in engaged in a title feud with Seth Rollins who is the WWE Universal Champion. Who would have thought that we’d see Corbin fighting for the title this year?

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What Could Be The Motivation Behind The Push Of Baron Corbin?

But what could be the possible reason behind this unnecessary Corbin’s push? According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, the reason behind Baron’s spotlight run is way head-scratching to the extreme.

It is not his promo skills, appeal, and popularity with the fans, or even his wrestling talent, the motivation behind his push is because Vince McMahon believes that Corbin has “WOMEN SWOON OVER HIM”.

Of course, Sex appeal can play a bigger role than people think of making or breaking a wrestler. We saw Shawn Michaels center around his gimmick of ‘Sexy Boy’ around it. Superstars like Randy Orton, The Rock also were included on the list of World’s Sexiest Men during the main event scene.

Now Vince McMahon believes that Corbin possesses the same physical appeal. He is just as attractive. Baron Corbin is also a popular figure when it comes to WWE Creative.

The wrestler doesn’t injure people, his character is very easy to hate, and Vince McMahon loves Baron Corbin. 

Also, the hate and dislike Corbin was getting after his match with Angle could take many wrestlers years to get such amount of heat from the fans. So it’s unlikely that his push would end any soon.

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