The Tragedy Of Jumbo ‘The Superstar’ Elephant

Welcome to Humor Nation. Jumbo was the world most famous elephant, but his life was ended up in tragedy. He was born around 1860 in Africa, known as the jumbo the elephant. He was the 19th century American bush elephant.

So here are some interesting facts about his life!!

1. Jumbo was born around Christmas in Sudan and his mother was killed by hunters and he himself was kidnapped and shipped to France. He was shortly kept in the Paris zoo, but there were too many other elephants at the time.

The Tragedy Of Jumbo 'The Superstar' Elephant

2. He was traded for a Rhinoceros and ended up at the London zoo in 1865. The zookeepers name him jumbo, a combination of  Swahili words for ‘chief’ and ‘hello’. There his attendant Matthew Scott nursed him back to health and became his friend. He trained the pachyderm and shared a bottle of a bear with him in the evenings.

The Tragedy Of Jumbo 'The Superstar' Elephant

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3. Jumbo at 7, consumed a barrel of potatoes, 15 loaves of bread, and 200 pounds of hay a day and as the time passes the baby elephant grew to be 11 feet high and with a weight of 13,000 pounds. He was considered the largest elephant in captivity in his lifetime and even the word jumbo started to mean huge because of him.

4. He was not only of big size, but his heart was also big. He gives rides to hundreds of kids and people call him ‘the children’s giant pet’. However, to keep him docile he was beaten at night because the zoo officials were alarmed by his age and size and feared he might become dangerous.

The Tragedy Of Jumbo 'The Superstar' Elephant

5. Showman P.T. Barnum expressed his desire to buy him for $10,000. Through Londoners and queen, victoria protested and the deal was approved in the court. Jumbo was very stubborn and it was very difficult for them to transport him. While any how Jumbo and Scott arrived in New York in 1882.

The Tragedy Of Jumbo 'The Superstar' Elephant

6. In New York, he was placed at Madison Square Garden where visitors could see him for a fee and pretty soon the money spent on jumbo’s purchase was made back. He started traveling with Barnum’s circus and become its main attraction.

The Tragedy Of Jumbo 'The Superstar' Elephant

7. The whole world is fascinated by jumbo and his image was advertised to everything from a sewing machine to food and tobacco. As time passes jumbo became more aggressive and it’s very difficult for them to manage him. Keepers give him alcohol and hit him with hooks spears to calm him down.

The Tragedy Of Jumbo 'The Superstar' Elephant

8. In 1885 Jumbo was suddenly killed when he was hit by a freight train in Canada. Barnum claimed that he died a hero while pushing another elephant off the track. while some believed that he got sick which was bad for business and the showman got rid of him. and it took a total of 150 men to move his body later.

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9. They constructed his skeleton and stuffed his hide, making him look 2 feet taller and at last the skeleton ended up at the American Museum of natural history in new york. His stuffed body was gifted to tufts university where he served as the school mascot.

10. In 1975 the hide was destroyed in the fire and in 1941 there came a movie “Dumbo” of Disney inspired by the incredible story of jumbo.

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