The Ultimate “13 Reasons Why” Quiz That Only True Fans Can Answer

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. 13 Reasons Why is a teen drama show that just shows you how cruel the real world is. This show is based on the novel by  Jay Asher and the series has been an emotional roller coaster ride. This series shows us the story of a teenage girl named Hannah Baker who has been bullied, abused and accused throughout her high school life and no one even noticed how much pain she has been through until she commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes accusing each one responsible for her death and why.

The Ultimate "13 Reasons Why" Quiz That Only True Fans Can Answer

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Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford play the main lead in this show and Dylan Minnette plays the role of Clay Jensen in the show. He receives the tapes which has been passed on to him by someone, he listens to each and everyone of the tapes and realizes how much Hannah had been through and tries to give her justice not because he loved her but because she meant a lot to him as friend and person too. Even when he hears himself on the tape he did not stop to give her justice and feels heartbroken each time he listened to any of the tapes.

13 reasons why

Many truths along are also revealed throughout the show with the help of those tapes that no one ever knew about themselves too. Many other victims are also shown during the show. This show has been amazing and was loved by the teens a lot as it was relatable. This show has now come up with its third installment and soon the fourth season will also come after that and the makers have confirmed it themselves.

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So now let’s begin this quiz and know how much you followed the show. This quiz will reveal whether you’re a true fan of 13 Reasons Why or not. So come on and take this quiz now!

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