The Umbrella Academy Characters And Their Power Guide

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The characters of Umbrella Academy are highly dysfunctional but are very powerful beings who were trained by their father when they were a child. They all separated while are a time being frustrated by their father but they came together after years to mourn their father’s death. But then they all try to stop the apocalypse when Number Five tells them what’s going to happen. So this is what the whole story was about till now. But today we’ll discuss their power and characters, so let’s start.

So here is a list of all the characters in The Umbrella Academy and their power guide!

1. Luther: Number One

The Umbrella Academy Characters And Their Power Guide

Luther is the leader of The Umbrella Academy and is named Number One by his father. He was sent to the moon on a mission and stayed there for years, he came back when his father died and his siblings were surprised to see him because his body became giant due to some chemicals that Reginald used on him to save his life. Luther was the one who always stayed by his father’s side even when all his siblings left, he is very powerful but is disappointed to know that his father had sent him on a mission that was of no use.

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2. Diego: Number Two

The Umbrella Academy Characters And Their Power Guide

Diego is known as Number Two and he left his father to use his power in a better way. He joined the Police Academy but is later thrown out, so he started wearing a mask and started acting as a crime fighter with the help of his love, Detective Patch. His power is that he could manipulate any object like a knife which could be thrown while in flight.

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