The Vampire Diaries Dating Quiz – Who Dated Who?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Vampire Diaries blossomed with romance, with the love triangle between Damon, Elena, and Stefan was the core of the show. There have been so many couples and relationships over the course of eight seasons of the show. Many couples and which resulted in all of them having their own shippers. But not all relationships on the TVD were equally successful. Even though the characters committed with their hearts to the people they dated, but the length of time they lasted together is variable. Even if the dating couples lasted only a few weeks, but the consequences of their relationships echoed years later.

The Vampire Diaries Dating Quiz - Who Dated Who?

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When it comes to finding love in the town of Mystic Falls, it’s a pretty challenging task. You have to make sure that your boyfriend doesn’t have an evil vampire brother or an ex from 100 years ago who wants to mess up everything and take her revenge. One of the greatest enjoyment for the fans of the show is to ship different characters, write fan-fiction, and express their love for the characters and the show.

So Take The Vampire Diaries Dating Quiz And Answer Who Dated Who?

So did you manage to answer all the questions on this TVD Dating quiz? If you did then you surely know your show!
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