The Vampire Diaries: Which Family Would You Belong?

Welcome to Humor Nation. No matter who you are or where you come from. One very important thing that you’ll surely need to live in this world is a family. People who will stand beside you when things get tough. People who will love you unconditionally. Everyone longs for belonging in this world.

Then comes the Petrova family, perhaps they are the second most important ones after the Mikaelsons. One of the oldest families which started in Bulgaria and then settled in Mystic Falls. Similar to the Salvatores, this family is also known for its doppelgangers’ bloodline. Their bloodline of Doppelgangers started with Amara who was the first immortal woman known to the world. In order to balance her immortality, nature created the mortal versions of Amara, her doppelgangers who would appear in every century.

The Vampire Diaries: Which Family Would You Belong?

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The Salvatore family is one of the important families in TVD. They are also the founding families who founded the Mystic Falls. They also have the doppelgangers’ bloodline pretty similar to the Petrova. Their earliest ancestor was Silas who was the first immortal man known to the world.

After a werewolf attack killed their youngest child Henrik, the mother Esther decided to seek revenge by creating her husband Mikael and the rest of their kids into the world’s first vampires known as the ‘Originals’. They are extremely powerful and they are the ancestors of all the living vampires. The Mikaelson family is the most powerful family of supernatural beings in the world.

So Take This Vampire Diaries Quiz And Find Out Which Family Would You Belong!

So did you find out which family would you belong to? Are you a Mikaelson, a Salvatore, a Bennett, a Petrova, or maybe a Fell? Which one is your favorite family and why so?
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