“The Wedding Guest” Trailer Is Out And People Are Going Crazy After Watching Radhika Apte And Dev Patel Together

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. If you haven’t watched the trailer of the film “The Wedding Guest”, then you must hurry and watch the trailer of this film first. The trailer of this film looks very promising and interesting too at the same, the trailer gives us many hints about what this movie is all about and mostly this is a thriller film in which both Dev Patel and Radhika Apte ride across India and Pakistan.

"The Wedding Guest" Trailer Is Out And People Are Going Crazy After Watching Radhika Apte And Dev Patel Together

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In the trailer, it is shown that Dev Patel is a wedding guest who is in Pakistan to attend Radhika Apte’s wedding, but he actually comes there to kidnap the bride. Now comes the interesting part as the bride herself wanted to be kidnapped and on her terms, she is being kidnapped as she is not at all interested in all this wedding stuff going around her.

Now you will also witness Jim Sarbh in this movie and he helps Dev Patel to hide the whereabouts of Radhika Apte so that no one follows them or finds them. During this time they escape many expected and unexpected dangers that come into their way as police is busy finding the bride. Jim Sarbh will be seen portraying an important role in this movie.

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The two look super amazing together on screen and their journey in this movie is also the same and is quite different as they both lack trust in each other but anyways they don’t have much choice but to end up with one another to be safe. This is different from other travel stories which we must have seen and don’t relate it with other Bollywood movies in which such things happened. This movie is surely very different and amazing.

This movie will release on 1st of March 2019, so get ready to watch this super duper amazing film and if you don’t believe us then go watch the trailer first and then surely you will find yourself keen enough to watch this movie. The actors of this movie have also worked hard and it depicts on their trailer and they are surely very fine actors and Dev Patel’s acting skill is not hidden from any of us.

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