These 13 Bizarre And Creepy Phobias Will Scare You And Could Kill You!

Today we are going to talk about Phobias. As humans it’s very natural to be afraid or scared of something. We all are scared of things, we fear things that we don’t understand. But what if you are afraid of something irrational then the correct term for that kind of fear is a ‘Phobia’. Different people suffer from different kinds of phobia. A phobia is a mental condition which is so strong, which makes you have an unreasonable or irrational fear of an object, activity, a situation or an animal.

So let’s take a look at These 13 Bizarre And Creepy Phobias Will Scare You And Could Kill You!

13. Fear Of Beards

This phobia means bad news to all those manscaping guys who spend hours preparing their lush facial locks for women admirers. Turns out there are some who cower at the sight of unseemly facial hair. This phobia is thought to be related to a social stereotype that considers a bearded man as unhygenic. In other words it makes a man look like a bum or hobo. People suffering from this phobia can’t stand people with beards, they have trouble even communicating face to face with a bearded person. They will often invert their eyes in order to avoid direct contact with excessive facial hair.

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12. Fear Of Flying

The fear of flight affects approximately 25 million people in the United States alone. These airborne anxiety ridden people will avoid airplanes at any cost. Most affected with this phobia are actually terrified of crashing which can cause a massive panic attack. Inability to maintain emotional control, out of control anxiety and feeling overwhelmed will usually begin even before takeoff. Heart beat will raise, breathing will become irregular, a tight chest and lots of sweat characterize this phobia. Sometimes physical ailments will arise such as vomiting, a pounding migraine or vision could become blurred even the mere thought of an upcoming flight can lead to full blown panic attack.

11. Fear  Of Everything

These poor souls remain in a constant state of fear, believing everything is out together or there is a persistent evil which surrounds their world or that something terrible is about to happen. Those suffering from this disorder most commonly have several phobias which all converge into one massive feeling of dread. This fear if left untreated can become dominant in the mind’s eye, increasing over time, multiplying phobias which can end in hundreds of phobias. These poor souls typically appear socially withdrawn, anxious and afraid all the time. This fear is highly associated hypochondriacs, it’s a constant adrenaline rush making those affected on constant alert which can drain the body and the mind. One source describes this phobia as a vague and persistent dread of some unknown evil sounds like my mother.

10. Fear Of Work

This one makes a good call-in excuse! Work aversion is part of social anxiety disorders, Those suffering will abstain from seeking employment, for fear of being yelled at or dominated by their superiors or sometimes to fear that their performance will not be satisfactory. This complicated phobia could also involve fear of manual labor, for fear of getting injured or just the idea of being forced to socialize with others may be the cause of this stress. People who have never held a job or work today in their life tend to be more prone to this disorder sometimes even the thought of work can lead to full blown panic attack. Feeling dizzy or detached from reality are common. Sometimes these feelings of fear can lead to avoiding work for days, leading to termination which can enhance the sphere of work. It’s a vicious writing cycle.

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9. Fear Of Mirrors

This specific phobia is the morbid fear of the mirror and the reflection which dwells within. This fear could stem from the idea that breaking the mirror will give extreme bad luck bad luck which hexes you for years. They could fear the thought of something frightening jumping out of the mirror and coming to get them. Another fear with this phobia is seeing something or someone disturbing inside the mirror, maybe next to their own reflection. Some fear the reflection in the dark confines of glass as they appear distorted perhaps the reflection in the mirror is not their own.

8. Fear Of Children

If children or infants or even memories of your own childhood fill you with dread then you may be suffering from this bizarre phobia. Excessive anxiety and panic attacks can occur when these individuals are forced to interact with children or babies or sometimes even occupy the same room. Noisier ill behaved kids could be a reason for this phobia. If someone has gone through a difficult childhood they may take issue with children who are happy well cared for or vice versa.

The trauma inflicted on a child could bring flashbacks or painful memories, triggering physical panic attack.. Reluctance to hold babies, feeling panicked around infants, avoiding babysitting at all cost and shying away from newborns and playgrounds a few symptoms. Dizziness, racing heartbeats and nausea can all be triggered at the site of a gap to smile from a tiny person.

7. Fear of Making Decisions

Some phobias can make life difficult think about if someone is too terrified to make a decision. How will they manage to leave the house in the morning or figure out what to eat at night. Do they instruct others to make the decisions for them, do they flip a coin taking the responsibility out of their hands, wait aren’t those decisions? Maybe they take a stream of consciousness way through life, going with the flow and a desperate attempt to not interfere with the normal course of events. But again isn’t that a decision as well? Oh this is getting confusing! But for people with this disorder it’s just what the doctor ordered as long as they contemplate instead of making the decision, they’re okay! It’s the act of actually making the decision which renders them powerless, crippling of fear.

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6. Fear Of Dolls

How many movies have you seen Which stars scary talkative dolly. There’s the ‘Child play’ series, film ‘Annabelle’, that one episode of ‘Goosebumps’ with the ventriloquist dummy. Ventriloquist dummies in general have always freaked me! What’s so terrifying about a talking doll, this distinctive bizarre phobia is technically classified as a fear of humanoid figures. Maybe it’s the lack of emotion or the way the glass eyeballs stare straight through your soul. Yes dolls are creepy especially the talking one.

5. Fear Of Other People

Fear of human company, extreme shyness, interpersonal relationship issues and social paranoia all play into this strange sinister phobia. This fear usually manifests with crowd situations, fear of public speaking can play heavy into this phobia. Sweat will pour and a sinking feeling in your gut are quite common when attempting to stand in front of your peers. This fear of others affect around 50 million American adults. Alone eating or drinking in front of others can also prove difficult and a general anxiety when around anyone other than family. The frightening feeling of dread from all things social usually begins in childhood or adolescence most commonly near the age of 13. This disorder if left untreated can lead to complete social withdrawal which I admit does have a certain appeal.

4. Fear Of Spirits

This is a fear of all things supernatural, spirits and ghosts are only the beginning. This fear of the dead and all things associated with the afterlife is best characterized as a mashup of different phobias. Spectrophobia ,the fear of specters, Phasmophobia, the fear of ghosts, Demonophobia, fear of demons and Wiccaphobia, the fear of witches. Mix all of these creepy crawly phobias together and we get this all encompassing fear of the unnatural. This intense paranoia is showcased through uncontrollable sweating and terrorized panic attacks, dominated by a feeling of being watched or chased. Those suffering from this disorder often feel they’re being persecuted by spirits for one reason or another. So be careful with Ouija boards.

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3. Fear Of Sleep

This predominant fear of Slumberland is related to the fear of the unknown. Often the individual will be terrified of what might happen if they fall asleep. Some control freaks are afraid, for it takes from them their ability to control the reality. Some are afraid of nightmares from traumatic night terrors past. This disorder is related to a host of other fears such as the terror of sleepwalking, fear of sleep talking or most commonly dying during sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to all kinds of problems including the inability to concentrate, irritability and sometimes even hallucinations or worse.

2. Fear Of Food

The avoidance of food is usually dominated by the fear of choking or it could manifest as a fear of a particular food like Brussels, sprouts or pears both of these freights could stem from previous traumatic experiences as phobias most commonly do. This fear could also be driven by pain or gastrointestinal distress. This phobia is often associated with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Symptoms could lead to anxiety such as obsessions as to how food is cooked and expiration dates. Some refuse to eat solid foods, I must come up with diets which involve juicing or making protein or fruit shake. Personally this seems like the worst of the worst of fears.

1. Fear Of Having Phobia

Scary phobias

There’s a phobia for having a phobia. It’s one of the most unusual out there. A person consumed and terrorized with the idea that they might develop a phobia. This fear of creating a phobia could end with the usual result severe anxiety, a pounding heart rate, panic attacks, all of the above, ironic isn’t it? The main problem with this disorder involving treatment is the patient doesn’t actually know what they are anxious about, they are simply anxious about being anxious. It’s closely related to the fear of being sick, mentally sick which can lead to all kinds of panic attacks including a desire to escape.

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