These 5 Famous Celebrities Passport Size Photos Are So Bad That You’ll Look Better Than Them

Welcome to Humor Nation. Can you guess, when anyone get embarrassed just because of their own photo somewhere. Yes, I am talking about the passport photo, which we hide sometimes from our friends just because we are looking so bad in that. And that we cannot imagine ourselves like that. This is really funny, but its true. Even we don’t allow any other person to see that photo. We just use it for professional or government purpose.

Do you know, this does not happen to us only, but celebrities are also victim of that. Even actors photos are seriously so bad that even it become tough for us to recognize them sometimes. Just opposite to their personality. This moment seriously make us all laugh because the beauty of celebrities totally get spoiled in passport photo.

So Let’s Take A Look At These 5 Famous Celebrities Passport Size Photos Are So Bad That You’ll Look Better Than Them!

1. Sunny Leone

We cannot identify that this is Sunny. Yes she is Karenjit Kaur aka Sunny Leone one of the most searched Bollywood beauty. This is how she looks in older time.

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2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 

Not that bad photo of her in passport, but she looks seriously different from the real life. She is Miss World and one of the most beautiful women of our country, but sometimes unrecognizable in some pictures.


3. Kangana Ranaut

Her photo was really seems to very old just from her school days. But looking innocent. But now she has become the real beauty.

4. Justin Bieber

Rockstar of the singing industry, all time favourite with huge fan following. He looks great, but unrecognizable in his passport picture.

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5. Beyonce

These 5 Famous Celebrities Passport Size Photos Are So Bad That You'll Look Better Than Them

In the passport picture, its is difficult to recognize her, she is the most popular singer and song writer of the industry.

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