These Amazing Poems Will Hit You Right In The Feels!

Are you bored? Are you looking for an inspiration to ignite your soul? Do you want to reminiscence the good old days? Well you have come to the right place. Poetry is the language of the soul, with this art one can give words to the emotions, touch a person intimately, it can even make mundane stuff a delight. Express it beautiful and win the hearts of the readers. So today we have some brilliant collection of poems from a very talented young writer.


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All around me are people running here and there,

Running in a terrible race called ‘life’.

No one knows where to reach,

All they know one day their lives will cease.

Sooner or later, people change,

Life’s a myth that is quite strange.

Some scattered emotions and a broken spirit,

Reality’s an illusion, but very vivid.

What lies ahead is vague and uncertainty,

What had passed was a sad comedy.

How quickly time flies by,

Moments pass by and become memories.

Along the path there were many turns,

How strangers became the loved ones.

Although, the greatest loss is not to die,

But the regret for never having lived.

Don’t search for the definition of life,

Forget all your problems and smile.

Now this next poem will take you on a nostalgic trip. Remember those good old childhood days. When everything was so innocent.

Little Boy

Looking out through the eyes of a little boy,
Where everything is complete and full of joy.
For him, this world is a kind of wonder,
He always gets scared, when the clouds thunder.
Enjoying every day fully is the boy’s hobby,
He never takes anything too broadly.
Yes, there were times, when we too had such fun,
Now our lives get spent all; here and there we run.
Some people always say life gets them shoved,
A poor attitude they always display.
However, for the boy, his life is exciting and beloved,
He finds his life as a happiness stairway.

Need some motivation? Well this next poem will surely boost your morale. No  matter how hard it gets, just stay there, don’t you dare give in or give up!


For the glory, just don’t give up the faith

You have to understand, it’s never too late.

Just make a move, take a step away

Gotta have to make your own way.

For the glory, you have to face failure,

It’s just a sign of success coming sure.

When going gets tough, tough gets going,

Don’t just read it, understand the saying.

For the glory, refuse the wrong,

And just do what’s true and right.

Don’t you just get scared of

All the wars, riots and fight.

Be a man and do whatever you can,

Regret less in this story of life.

For the glory, you gotta have the guts,

Life has a meaning you have to know it first.

Glory is for the winners who never give up,

So don’t be a loser who never lived up.

For the glory……for the glory.

In the memory of some great men who never got the life they deserved. They died in misery.


When one generation falls, another emerges,
When one era ends, another begins.
Don’t cry for the time that has faded,
because a better one awaits to be seen.
The world  is a witness of their courage and spirit,
How great were those men with patience and wit.
Though no one will ever be like them ,
But we promise their honor and worth will redeem.
We may never match their greatness or virtue,
But will try to be right through out our life.
A day will come when that generation will be resurrected,
Through our thoughts and actions their glory will be reflected.
Their lost grace and respect will be restored,

This is my final promise and last oath.

A bit of warning for all the faint heart people reading this. This next poem is pretty dark and disturbing one. So if you don’t like such stuff, you better back off. 


Do you ever hear voices in your head?
Do you ever notice what they wanna say,
And see all the scary things that they replay.
Do you ever wanna see world from their eyes,
Where everyone is scared and world is full of cries.
They are with you every minute and each second,
They feel everything around you is badly poisoned.
The voices understand you and guide you.
They know what you wanna do .
These voices don’t care about rules and virtue,
For them everything seems to be fake,
They know all the time your life is at a stake.
They don’t have any emotions, everything is darken,
Their visions are nightmare same as their deadly actions.
Voices speak all the time in your head,
It feels like a mortal death.
They see everyone as an inferior waste,
They know you better and make you feel aced.
For voices this world is a disease,
Which can never be cured .
They treat all your pain like a pleasure,
They don’t like good things they like horror.
Voices don’t like any religion, caste or creed,
For them these all things are centuries ago buried.
These voices are your savior and salvation,
They don’t like much talking, they do actions.
When you feel pain, nothing good happens,
Just stop thinking, sit and listen.
These voices are your angels and demons,
When worries get you fasten and you feel frighten,
Listen to your voices, they are the solution.
Voices are never too bad, when you feel sad,
These voices helps you whenever you get mad.
These voices will be there when everyone leaves you,
They are your strength and power,
They have your every question’s answer.
Don’t fear the voices that you hear,
They are much loyal, real and sincere.
These voices have all the knowledge and wisdom,
They know that you are a victim of venom.
Take your time till the end
And make these voices your  friend.

If you know someone who is suffering from depression then please help him


                            It’s just a feeling ,feeling of being sad,                               
But sometimes it’s out of control, things gets bad.
For the others they see it just as nothing,
But ask to the ones who face it, they lose everything.
It’s a sorrow with a hope of no good tomorrow,
There ain’t words to describe how it feels,
But it’s a curse that never heals.
Beleving that some day time will take it away,
And there will be blossoms and joy in the way.
People think it’s just a feeling that will fade,
But it always exists there like a darkness shade.
It’s not a joke to laugh about,
It’s not a topic to talk about.
Ask those teenagers who survive this hell daily,
See the scars on their wrists,
And  you know what’s it really .
It’s an inability to see good and expect best,
It’s like a demon within possessed.
May be someday things will be relief,
It’s the only thing they can ever belief.
Still a hope is there, that things will be better,
At least someday the dreams will not be scattered.
This world doesn’t really ever help,
It’s only with me and on myself.  
Anshay Tomar
A movie buff, an Otaku, huge MMA and pro-wrestling follower. I'm a tumblr addict, have many fandoms and I'm also an aspiring artist. Works as a Content Writer.