Things About TVD & Originals That Will Raise Your Eyebrows

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While its been several years since the Originals ended, but the show remains as popular as ever. While old fans re-watch every now and then whereas many news fans are being introduced to this show through popular streaming networks such as Netflix. The crazy passionate fans are aware of all sorts of trivia and facts related to Originals. Today we have compiled a list of things that are surely going to surprise every Originals fan.

So Take A Look At Things About Originals That Will Raise Your Eyebrows


Things About Originals That Will Raise Your Eyebrows
The CW

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Daniel Gillies is a man of expression with a strong will. The actor has always been outspoken and never hesitates to say what he feels in his heart. While the ending of the Originals was criticized by many fans who labelled it as an injustice to their beloved characters. While the cast of the Originals has never been openly vocal about their true feelings regarding the finale. Joseph Morgan has joked a bit, but never directly said what he feels about the ending. Daniel Gillies spoke about the Originals’ ending in an interview given to Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2018 spoke on a variety of topics related to TVD & Originals. You can check the interview here.

The CW

He spoke about how his character was super enigmatic and silent in the beginning. But then he had lots of lines written for the character because of him being a good actor who could say things fast. Daniel believed the strength of his character was in the quietness. Speaking about the multiple deaths and resurrections of the characters, he expressed how lack of satisfactory drama and meaningful conflict result in characters being killed left and right. He also revealed something surprising in the interview about not having a showrunner which made things hard in Atlanta. Daniel said it was tough to end the show especially when the cast felt drifted away. When talked about the ending, he felt the ending was peculiar to him because he didn’t understand why his character Elijah did what they did.


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