7 Things That All Crime Patrol Fans Should Know!

7 Things That All Crime Patrol Fans Should Know!

Crime patrol is a very great show which is established on the motto of awaking the general people. This show is a great show because it showcases the crimes that has been occurred in India. It also provides the solution of how to fight against the crimes. It gives immense strength to the general people. This show depicts the reality of cases and broadens you mind to think a bit differently. It enhances your senses to be alert and aware in any situation. Again we are back with a trending topic of the famous Indian crime drama Crime Patrol.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 Things That All Crime Patrol Fans Should Know! Read it out guys!

1. Watch out if you are becoming so addicted to the show. Whenever you are doing something or your family member is doing something, if you use the dialogues of crime patrol for the situation then you need to know that you have an addiction of Crime Patrol.

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2. ‎Anup Soni is a great personality. He can serve as a great counselor. If you find yourself in trouble then hear some of his talks or sessions or quotes. This will surely help you. More than the show, fans follow Anup Soni. This show has a true host which can connect to the people from the screen.

3. ‎This show depicts the things in a dramatized form. Some things are done for the TRP of the show. This show boasts some of the things which are not real and with added “MASALA”. Stuff like sexual activities, crime indulgence, manlier times, these are boasted scenes.


4. ‎Crime patrol shows that our police is so efficient and dedicated. I have a huge respect to our police and system, but still there are some reforms which have to be done to the real police. In reality, police is not as efficient as it is depicted in the show. General public fear police in reality and also there are some cases where police had not taken any actions on time that were needed to.

5. ‎This show raises questions in the viewers’ mind about their actions and thoughts. It is a great show if talked about raising the standards of senses. Also 6 sense becomes highly active while and after watching the show. This show is great in aspect of sense provocation.

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6. ‎No doubt this show has made people aware of the crimes happening around, but at the flip side of the coin, this show have also raised the crime activities. These type of shows giveaway a way, an approach, a mindset to criminals to think and commit crime in creative and innovative ways. Suicide methods are shown, and the types and ways of crimes have been been duplicated in India by the criminals. Don’t worry those people have faced the consequence of their activities.

7. ‎Apart from every bad and good thing. This show is a must watch show for all Indians. This show has made everyone to be aware and alert. To take your safety very seriously. Also to develop you skills to face any crime and to protect yourself in dangerous situations. This show has empowered the youth. We at Humor Nation wish more graceful years to this show and much more great achievements. All the good luck!

7 Things That All Crime Patrol Fans Should Know!

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